How To Store Yoga Mats The Right Way

by Susan T.

Yoga is a great activity and hobby that requires little effort but dramatically impacts your physical and mental state of mind. The best thing is that you can practice yoga anywhere, anytime, and with very little equipment.

One essential yoga gear you’ll need is a mat to provide cushioning and grip. However, some people might take it for granted and store it wherever. This can cause damage to the mat. You might require to purchase a new mat or stop practicing altogether. Therefore, storing yoga mats correctly is an absolute necessity.

So how do you store yoga mats? Don’t fear; this guide will help you learn how and what ways to store your yoga mat.


Why Do You Need To Store Your Yoga Mats?

 Yoga is a way to stay fit and healthy. Yogis practice yoga at home or in a class. You can make your poses more comfortable by using a yoga mat to practice asana. If you have a yoga mat, your body will be less affected by your yoga practice. In addition, you will find that the yoga mat gives you all the support you need to perform your asanas.

You will also feel comfortable performing different poses on the mat. These benefits are not the only ones. For example, your yoga mat protects your floors from dirt, dust, and other substances that could irritate your feet.

Though, many people forget to preserve their yoga mats. Proper storage and cleaning are vital to ensuring your yoga mat’s lifespan.

Many yoga poses are a series of twists and turns. As a result, they tend to get messy and stay together. This could lead to bacteria and germ growth on your yoga mat. You could get skin infections or other health problems as a result. This is why it’s essential to learn how to store your yoga mat, keep it safe, and benefit from it.

How To Store Yoga Mats

How To Store Yoga Mats
How To Store Yoga Mats

To maintain good mental and physical health, you should practice yoga at least three times per week. First, it would help if you had the right clothes to make yoga fun, and a good yoga mat is the second crucial step. Even though you can buy a lot more equipment and accessories for yoga, a good mat will allow you to enjoy an entire session. Yoga lovers should have at least one yoga mat. It is helpful in many different stretches.

It would be best to have a perfect size, grip, thickness, comfort, and a style yoga mat. In addition, you will want to ensure that your yoga mats are secure. Although, a yoga mat can be costly and quickly become damaged if not kept in a safe place.

You need to care for your mat, just like any other item. If your mat isn’t in excellent condition, you won’t have the ability to use it. Follow these steps and guidelines to help you maintain your mat in top condition.

Basic Guidelines To Stop Your Mat From Getting Damaged

1. Cleaning Regularly


This may seem simple, but the yoga path can get messy. For example, you might find food particles or stains on your mat. If you find any, make sure to clean them immediately.

To clean your mat’s surface, you can use mild soap to rub on the mat, then rinse it off with water. You can then wipe it clean with an absorbent cloth to remove any soap residue. Don’t mistake cleaning the mat in your washing machine; this will make the body moldy.

Although yoga mats are easier to clean than carpet, it is still important to disinfect your mat before washing it. This will prevent you from getting sick due to bacteria and sweat buildup. In addition, it is effortless to clean them by wiping them with a disinfectant and allowing them to dry overnight.

2. Drying After Cleaning

The cleaning method determines the drying method. For example, after washing your gear by machine, lay it flat to dry. This will allow your equipment to dry faster than hanging it up or leaving it lying.

If you have washed your gear by hand, hang it so it can dry. The mat will dry even if it is suspended between two L-shaped hooks. Use a towel hanger or key to turn the mat, but not place it on its surface.

3. Stick It Up

You cannot roll it like a poster. It has a rubber texture and will begin to peel if rolled. It is best to stick it on a wall to prevent any damage.

Stick It Up
Stick It Up

Walls are a great place to store everything in your home, and you can store your yoga mat on the wall. You can use either a command hook or an adhesive hook. This is the most common way to store your mat. Natural bamboo products are durable and last a long time. Thus, bamboos are well-known for their strength, resilience, and versatility on yoga mats.

You can purchase a bamboo stand at any outdoor equipment shop or online. These stands are great for yoga mat storage and look great all over the house.

4. Keep It Away from Direct Sunlight.

Although sunlight can be beneficial in removing bacteria and mold, rubber mats can become brittle if left out for too long. You should not leave them out for longer than an hour before bringing them inside and storing them. Additionally, the sun can affect the color and grip of your yoga mat.

5. Wash Hands And Feet Before Practicing

The mat’s texture can be affected by the chemicals in sweat. Foul odors on the mat can also result from it; it’s best to always wash your hands and feet before practicing your asanas on the yoga mat. It will also remove oils from your feet and hands, giving you a better grip on it.

Easy Ways To Store Your Yoga Mats

Yoga is an excellent activity to keep fit and healthy. You may feel inspired to practice yoga at home or at studios that offer yoga classes. A yoga session will be more successful if you have a comfortable, clean place. A good mat is essential and a place to store it even more.

You want to have a place where your yoga mat can be hung up, washed regularly, and stored until the next session. Since there are many storage options available for your mat, here are some easy ways to store your yoga mats; it also includes yoga mat storage ideas at home.

1. Mat Hanger

Mat Hanger
Mat Hanger

Yoga mat hangers are a must-have accessory. Many yoga enthusiasts already own one. You can purchase one in a retail store or online if you don’t. It will provide you with a safe and compact place to store your yoga mat. In addition, it is multipurpose; you can use it to store other items at home.

Wall hangers are made in the same style as coat hangers. It is easy to buy mat hangers in metal or wood online at a low price. It is also an excellent way to organize your clothes and save space. This is a great idea, especially for small houses; over-the-door storage helps organize efficiently, and Namaste Yoga Mat Hanger is an excellent example. You can place a mat hanger anywhere, even in often overlooked places.

2. DIY Yoga Mat Rack

For yoga mat storage, the first thing is to find something solid and flexible enough to wrap your mat in. This is the most common way to go, and if you can’t buy, you can free up wall space and floor space by making your yoga mat rack.

With the help of designs from the internet, you can create a wall-mounted or standing yoga rack. You can use any towel rack or wine rack to make the base. This will allow you to place the yoga mat in the correct position. However, it would help if you rolled the mat perfectly.

Another way is to use cable ties, rope, or chains. First, wrap the yoga mat vertically with the cable ties, rope, or chain, leaving the fabric loose. Then tighten the cable, rope, or chain ties to achieve a tight wrap that doesn’t twist the yoga mat fabric.

To keep the yoga mat in place, you can use two lengths each of cable ties, rope, or chain. The main wrap must also be kept tight. It is vital to keep the mat’s fabric loose. It will be difficult for you to move the mat around if you don’t. Closed pulley belts are another option for yoga mat storage. You can find these belts in most hardware shops.

3. Yoga Mat Basket

If you have some space and a lot of yoga mats, a mat basket can be a great piece of furniture that can store a yoga mat and add to the beauty of your home.

You can use a yoga mat storage basket for interior decoration and storage. The mats can be easily rolled up and stored. Additionally, you have a variety of sizes and colors to select from that add dimension to your home’s decoration. Lastly, yoga mat storage baskets can be found easily online or in retail shops.

4. Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Mats Bag
Yoga Mats Bag

Mat bags protect your mat when it’s being transported. However, they do much more. The right bag will allow you to express your style while ensuring safety and organization.

Any soft, slouchy cloth bags made of non-wicking materials for casual yoga classes will be sufficient. The bag’s floppy design allows you to hang it if you prefer to carry it over your shoulder. They also come with a drawstring cord, which will enable them to stand up.

The panel that folds over the top and bottom of your mat gives you padding and traction for beginners. They are as comfortable as a pair of socks. You lose a bit of style and the feeling of your yoga displayed compared to other bags. These bags are some of the most colorful.

Whereas lightweights are best for classes that involve sweating or in hot weather. These lightweight mat bags are light and easy to carry, with more breathability. In addition, you can keep your keys, wallet, and strap in the compartment.

5. MakeSpace

Are you interested in a three-month international yoga retreat? Do you have extra space for yoga accessories and mats in your closet? Grab your accessories and yoga mat, wash them with refresher wipes, and leave the rest at MakeSpace.

Book a pickup, and pack your yoga straps, mats, blocks, and wedges. They will take it all to their secure, temperature-controlled storage facility and create an online photo catalog of everything, so you never forget what you have in storage.

You don’t need to travel far to find a self-storage facility if you are in a high state of self-awareness after your return. You only need to log in to your MakeSpace account and click the photos of what you want back. Then, they’ll deliver them to you.

Do you want to waste your positive energy, time, and money on inefficient self-storage? Why not spend it on MakeSpace!

6. Mat Cabinets

Mat cabinets are a traditional, reliable storage option. There are many reasons yoga mat cabinets are so popular; they keep your yoga mats safe from unwanted attention and safe to store for long periods.

The mat cabinets are usually made of steel or wood. It protects the mats against all-natural elements such as moisture and dust. As a result, the mats will last longer. You can also use the additional space in the cabinet for valuables and essential items. A mat cabinet will keep your area clean and tidy without any effort.

7. Display Rack For Yoga Mat

Use a display shelf for yoga mats to show off your colorful yoga mats on your studio’s wall or home. Place them against the door and lay the rolled mats on top.

Display Rack For Yoga Mat
Display Rack For Yoga Mat

This will allow you to make the most of your space and add a design element. No extra space is required for the cabinet. Instead, you’ll get an interior decoration piece that actually works and will be noticed by anyone who enters your home.

8. Large Shelves

Large shelves are a better solution for studios than home. A studio may require more space, and shelves are available in many sizes and can hold tons of supplies for yoga or other activities.

9. Yoga Mat Storage Bins

Yoga Mat Storage Bins
Yoga Mat Storage Bins

A yoga mat storage bin/box is an excellent addition to your yoga equipment. Many people prefer to store their yoga mats and other equipment in one area. They also like to have a separate place for water bottles, make-up, books, etc. It’s easy to take your yoga mat out of the cover and use it to do yoga.

You have various options for styles and sizes of yoga mat storage containers. There are wicker storage containers that can also be used as laundry hampers. You can also buy durable plastic storage baskets. These baskets are straightforward to assemble and disassemble.

You can also take them with you if you need to travel for a while. Many of these are durable plastic and can be locked to keep their contents safe. These are great if you have a lot of gear to store or plan on taking your mat. They add to the exquisiteness of your home and are better for yoga mat storage.

10. Yoga Mat Storage Cart

Yoga mat storage bins with mobility are a great feature. Because the wheels of the storage bins allow you to move your yoga accessories around the house with minimal effort, The wheeled storage containers are ideal for moving your yoga mats around the house.

The baskets don’t need to be carried around with you. You should also avoid lifting heavy storage baskets if you have back pain. Although they don’t look as good as wicker storage mats, their functionality is superior.

11. PVC Storage For Yoga Mats

You can always opt for the PVC storage option for your yoga mats. Look no further if you’re looking for a cost-effective storage solution or an innovative way to store your yoga mats. You can make it in any shape you want. You can also choose the type of PVC you wish to use for storage. This allows you to control your spending.

Cut your mat’s bottom to make it fit. The mat should be oriented towards the length of the PVC pipe. When you are ready to use the mat, simply lay it flat. You can quickly unfold the mat in just one minute, and then you’ll be prepared for practice, and it takes only two seconds to slide the PVC pipes back to store them.

12. Multi-Purpose Furniture


If you live in a cramped or small space, this is an excellent way to store your yoga mat. These include a folding sofa and a multi-purpose storage bed. You can use it for daily storage or long-term storage. In addition, it will protect the mat from heat, dust, moisture, and other damaging elements. Here are some examples:

  • Yoga Mat Bags/ Tote Bags: This bag is easy to carry and makes the best yoga mat storage bag.
  • Closet: To store your yoga mats, you can use a storage closet.
  • Clothesline: Dry your yoga mat by hanging it on a clothesline.
  • Under the Bed: Your yoga mat can be stored under the bed.
  • Wall hooks: This is another excellent idea that you can use to hang your yoga mat.


We’ve shared some of the best ways to help you store your yoga mat in this guide. The final decision is up to you.

Depending on its material, you can choose which idea will help your mat last the longest. If you own a studio, the best way to store a yoga mat is using large shelves or yoga mat racks. However, if you practice yoga at home, a mat hanger is the best way to store a yoga mat. Mat hangers are the easiest and most accessible ways to store a yoga mat at home.

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