About Us


My name is Susan. I am an experienced yoga expert and also the chief editor for this blog. I have been teaching Yoga for almost 6 years. And I teach it because we live it. Yoga is a part of life, and we love it!

I has been exposed to yoga since childhood. And my dedication to the practice of yoga, blossomed after studying with Dana Flynn, and becoming certified at The Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in 2001. Though my dreams of Broadway never diminished, the gift of teaching yoga soon took over and my new career in yoga began. Not long after I began to teach full time, I took over the position as Director of Yoga for Crunch Fitness in NYC. During her time as director (2002-2006), I created many innovative classes, such as the now world famous Doga “Yoga for Dogs!” I also was the creator of Yoga Revolution “Yoga with a 6lb Smartbell,” and many other alternative expressions of yoga.


The Dogadog head office is located in the heart of California's beautiful Central Coast.

Our Mission

Our yoga website is the ultimate destination for all of your needs. We provide everything from Beginner level courses to advanced ones, so that no matter what kind or level you are at in terms practice we've got something perfect just waiting!

Our Vision

With our innovative products, experience and dedication to the field of yoga we will be able provide you with anything your heart desires.

Our Stand

For now, we are working with a few brands to help them launch their own product on Amazon. We collect samples from these companies and then try out the products ourselves before developing content based upon our experiences in marketing those items through this platform - which has been really interesting! There's no payment involved beyond what you'll find here at product reviews; all information is completely independent & unbiased too so read carefully if interested :)

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