4 Person Yoga Poses: Fun And Easy Ways To Relax Yourself As A Group

by Susan T.

Yoga is a broad set of disciplines and practices, be it physical, spiritual, or mental, and is an ideal way of commencing your day with positive vibes and a better mood.

However, you don’t necessarily have to practice in solitude to be zen. Acro yoga is a joyous and reviving practice that combines archaic yoga exercises with Thai massaging techniques and acrobatics. Unfortunately, while acro yoga for two or three people is relatively common, there are few prominent 4 person yoga poses. But don’t worry! If you are looking for some creative asana to create with a group of four, then continue on reading!

4 Person Yoga Poses
4 Person Yoga Poses

What Is Acro Yoga?

Acro yoga
Acro yoga

Acro yoga, which is also referred to as partner yoga, is a fusion of yoga and acrobatics, hence the name Acro Yoga. This healing method rejuvenates you physically while concurrently consolidating your emotions and sentiments.

This contemporary practice mixes the historical knowledge of yoga with the artistic dynamic acrobatic workouts between multiple individuals. For example, many might link acro yoga with couples’ yoga, during which one lies on the back while the other person balances them on their feet. These two-person poses can be modified to create endless poses involving several yogis.

This makes acro yoga an enthralling, engaging, and pain-alleviating activity with many benefits, as mentioned below.

Benefits Of Acro Yoga

Unlike the traditional forms of yoga, performing Acro Yoga does not feel like you have a bubble around your yoga mat. Instead, Acro Yoga bursts this bubble allows you to interact with people while simultaneously promoting your health.

It Improves Mental Health and Relationships

Similar to solo yoga, group yoga can help relieve stress and aids in better mental health. The diverse physical and respiratory practices help sync the motion and breath of the yogis, resulting in a “flow-state,” which is beneficial for your mind and makes you more attentive, peaceful, and present.

However, the additional bonus of acro yoga is that it is an exciting way of socializing and helps build relationships outside your regular circle.  When multiple people come together to perform a challenging pose, their friendship strengthens, and they become more open with one another.

It conflicts resolution and helps with communication

Contrary to the typical silent experience, group yoga includes lots of chatting and talking. The team effort required in surviving an asana drastically refines your communication skills and helps you express your needs better.

Therefore, acro is a great way to practice tolerance and to resolve conflicts between your friends or family. You would be surprised to see how easily you can express yourself and your sentiments, both on and off the mat. As the saying goes, “friends who acro together, stay together.”

Relieves Back-Pain

Relieves Back-Pain
Relieves Back-Pain

From the physical aspect, group yoga is an ideal way of reducing lower back pains by allowing you to stretch your torso in ways you can’t do on your own. The “Super Yogi” exemplifies this pose that soothes the flyer and base’s back, hips, and spine.

How To Start Group Acro Yoga

4 person yoga pose
4 person yoga pose

Beginning your acro yoga session is just a matter of rolling out your yoga mat in an open area and diving in. Don’t forget to have some spotters well-versed in acro yoga to ensure the safety of newbies and to teach you more in-depth positions.

If your practice space contains anything confining or breakable, remove it first-hand. Practicing acro yoga outdoors, preferably on grass, is often deemed one of the most favorable settings. However, any local studio with a large spacious area and proper equipment will work fine to get you started.

Lastly, it is significant that you delve into your yoga session with an optimistic attitude and a joyful heart. Don’t shy away from attempting awkward poses or from your not-so-elegant falls. After all, acro yoga is all about having fun and unleashing your inner child!

Warm-up Flows

Like every other workout, warming up before your acro yoga session is essential. It helps loosen you up and get your muscles ready for all the forthcoming stunts. Drilling on some Savasanas, Sun Salutation, or Cobra Pose with your partner is perfect for getting you all charged up.

Get Comfortable With Your Yoga Partners

Get Comfortable With Your Yoga Partners
Get Comfortable With Your Yoga Partners

Acro yoga is an intimate experience where getting comfortable with your yoga partners is as crucial as getting pleased with your location. In addition, it requires warming up to your fellows’ energy and touching.

To get relaxed and comfy around your yoga partners, begin with easy yoga poses like cooperative stretches or a few sets of pranayama breathing to familiarize yourself with your partners’ skill level, breathing, and responsiveness.

Practice Basic Flying

Practice Basic Flying
Practice Basic Flying

Before experimenting with the more advanced four-person yoga poses, opening your session with the basics is reasonable. A great example of this is the classical Basic Flying or Front Bird Pose.

In this, the base lies down on its back and rests its hands horizontally on the surface. At the same time, the flyer puts their toes up until the fingertips of the base. The base then positions its feet on the flyer’s hip while connecting the flyer’s hands. As the base hoists the flyer up, the flyer maintains the plank position, and when you feel safe about the pose, you can slowly let go of the hands.

Get Creative With The Group

Get Creative With The Group
Get Creative With The Group

Once you have given a shot to these fundamental flying poses, you are prepared to partake in some coordinated poses. Be it the easy downward dog, whale pose, or stacked plank, below are some inventive and fun poses to try with a group of four.

How Do You Do Acro Yoga With 4 People?

Four people are doing arco yoga
Four people are doing arco yoga

There is no hard and fast rule over the number of people joining this activity. Acro Yoga is exceptionally versatile and, thus, can be modified to deliver a quadrupled experience. Several bases, flyers, and spotters can be utilized in creating easy poses for 4 persons.

4 Person Yoga Poses Ideas

Acro yoga has become exceedingly popular in the past few years. Yet, not every studio teaches this distinct skill. But worry not, since social media is filled with many online tutorials and pictures to help you recreate your favorite pose.

4 Person Yoga Poses Easy

Planks and tree-pose are one of the first poses you learn in yoga, but how about doing these ananasses with your friends by your side?

How to do Planks with 4 people?

  1. Every person should roll out their yoga mat and place it side to side.
  2. Start with the plank position; place your toes and forearms on the mat and look down. Your elbows should be right below your shoulders, and your head should be relaxed.
  3. Maintain your trunk upright and stiff while the body is horizontal from your ears to toes, without any slumping or bending.
  4. Ensure that your heels are over your feet’s balls.
  5. Uphold this pose for 10 seconds and then release.
  6. Work your time up to 30,40, and 50 seconds gradually.

How to do tree-pose with 4 people?

  1. Roll out your yoga mats adjacent to each other.
  2. Plant both of your feet firmly on the mat and distribute your weight uniformly on both legs.
  3. Bend one leg at the knee such that the sole of the bent leg rests against the inner tight of the standing one.
  4. Lengthen your body and press your hands together in the prayer position.
  5. Hold the position for 10 seconds, exhale, and repeat with the other leg.

4-Person Yoga Poses Medium

Here is another challenging one to try with your mates!

Double, Triple, or Quadruple Planks

  1. Divide yourself into two pairs.
  2. Person one starts with the regular plank position (as mentioned above).
  3. The next person will then position his/her hand on the partner’s ankles and step up by resting the tips of his/her feet on their supporter’s shoulders.
  4. Hold the pose for as long as you can.

You can also add another person or two onto the top once you get confident enough to create an out-of-the-box quadruple plank pose.

4-Person Yoga Poses Hard

Feel confident enough to attempt the professional ones? Before trying these positions, make sure you trust your partners to provide a solid base.

Downward dog and L-shape group pose

  1. Begin with the base in the downward dog position.
  2. The first flyer should rest the ankles on the back of the base and position himself into the L-pose or half-dog pose.
  3. The second flyer should repeat the step above.
  4. The third and last flyer should hold a full L-position, with ankles on the previous flyer’s back and palms spread on the floor.
  5. Hold onto this pose as long as possible.

Final Words

The yoga of current times is nothing like the age-old practiced technique, as there are different poses for single person, 3 or 4 person yoga poses. Contemporary yoga is not only an isolated, or two people experience; in truth, it can involve your entire family or your large friend circle!

Four-person acro yoga is far more attainable than it looks. Once you grasp the basics of steadying and balancing, the numerous prospects for quadrupled acro yoga open the door to an entirely new realm of laughter, creativeness, and a refreshing workout.

About Susan T.

Susan T. is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, but to her, it all started with a very basic motivation: she just really wanted to be able to touch her toes. Susan has come a long way since then- she now regularly leads yoga teacher trainings and workshops all over the world, and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Mantra Yoga, San Jose Mercury News / Health, and more. But Susan will tell you that her simple quest for flexibility has led her to so much more than just touching her toes.

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