The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

by Susan T.

Are you trying to avoid leggings because of your big calves? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to worry about having a large figure. Nowadays, you can choose from the best leggings for thick thighs available on the market.

If you’re worried about having big thighs and wide hips, ditch that concern away. Sure thing, there will always be perfect leggings that would match your plus-size figure. Just like curvy women out there, you too can enjoy the comfort of wearing leggings.

But, before shopping for one, there are buying considerations for you to look into. The first things you need to check are the quality of the material and the construction of the leggings. You also have to check the perfect size, especially if you have big and thick thighs.

Please keep reading to uncover the perfect pair of leggings for you!

1. CompressionZ High Waisted Women’s Leggings#1 – Editor’s ChoicePolyester, Spandex
2. Redqenting Workout Leggings for Women#2Nylon, polyester, Spandex
3. No Nonsense Women’s Great Shapes Cotton Shaping Legging#3Cotton, Polyester, Spandex
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs – 2023 Reviews

1. CompressionZ High Waisted Women’s Leggings

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

This brand is ideal for yoga, running, casual wear, working out, and cycling. Its fabric is breathable, sweat-wicking, and allows comfortable movements. Thigh compression leggings such as this can provide utmost comfort in cool or warm weather conditions. 

You can rely on this pair of leggings as it ensures more muscle support. Its quality construction retains its fit even after several washes. However, it is designed with a small and tight waistband.


  • Ensures more motion and flexibility
  • Offers excellent muscle efficiency and support
  • Helps avoid skin irritation and chafing
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Made using 27% spandex and 73% polyester materials


  • Small and tight waistband

Ultimately, this option is the best for those who wish to work out with confidence.

2. Redqenting Workout Leggings for Women

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

For women planning to buy leggings made with breathable and comfortable fabric, this is worth a try. It helps wick away sweat keeping your body cool and dry, and won’t irritate your skin. Since it’s made with stretchy and high-rise fabric, it’s perfect for different body shapes.

Aside from its soft, versatile, and lightweight fabric, it can also provide complete coverage. It doesn’t slip and falls during workout sessions. Nonetheless, it might rip off at the seam.


  • Lightweight, tight-fitting, and comfortable elastic waist
  • Stretchy, breathable, sweat-wicking, and ensures complete coverage
  • Seamless and does not irritate the skin
  • Made using 10% spandex, 25% polyester, and 65% nylon materials
  • Versatile and ultra-soft


  • Might rip off at the seam

Overall, this legging can be the solution to an all-day comfort regardless of your activities.

3. No Nonsense Women’s Great Shapes Cotton Shaping Legging

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

Plus-size women searching for leggings that can perfectly shape the tummy will find this option ideal. It features a high-waist design to allow more comfortable fitting. The fabric material used is purposely for ensuring a flattering fit.

Be worry-free regardless of your large frame, thanks to the innovative power panel slims. This legging is not see-through at all because the materials used are used high-quality. Please remember to be careful with the size because the sizing can be a bit tricky.


  • Allows a more comfortable shaping
  • Ideal for the plus-size figure
  • Made of 5% spandex, 38% polyester, and 57% cotton materials
  • Features innovative power panel slims
  • Ensures a flattering fit


  • Sizing is a bit tricky

Conclusively, this option is an exceptional tummy control leggings for plus size.

4. Rainbeau Curves Women’s Plus-Size Basix Compression Legging

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

Whether you’re working out or going out, this item will help you look and feel your best. What makes it a more prominent option is its built-in compression technology. There have been reports that it could help in conditions like lymphedema and free you from skin irritations. 

This legging is moisture-wicking, stretchy, and ideal for highlighting your curves. The waistband does not roll, and you can enjoy more mobility, flexibility, and comfort. On the downside, it does not come with pockets.


  • Remains in place and highlights curves
  • Allows free and more comfortable mobility
  • Features a wide waistband
  • Sweat-wicking and stretchy
  • Built-in compression technology


  • No pockets

This one is worth a shot for plus-size women who dream of wearing comfortable compression leggings all day. 

5. IUGA High Waisted Yoga Pants for Women

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

This yoga pants is excellent for ensuring better tummy control and gentle compression. It offers supreme comfort, thanks to its stretchable, squat-proof, and buttery soft fabric. If you’re overly worried about crotch chafing and rubbing, this is a reliable choice to avoid those.

Women wanting to have a trim and more toned look will be satisfied wearing this yoga pants. It features a hidden waistband pocket and side pockets so that you can keep small items. Regardless of your movements, it retains its shape over time.

Meanwhile, the potential hitch is that the waistband is sometimes loose.


  • Stretchable, squat-proof, and buttery soft fabric
  • Hidden waistband pocket and side pockets
  • Provides gentle compression and retains its shape
  • Guarantees more excellent tummy control
  • Helps eliminate crotch chafing and rubbing


  • Waistband sometimes loose

Lastly, this high-waist yoga pants is first-rate when it comes to supreme comfort and exceptional fit.

6. KIWI RATA Women’s High Waist Workout Compression Leggings

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

This workout compression legging features a four-way stretch and high-waist design so that it can offer exceptional tummy control. It allows free movements, so you’re trouble-free regardless of your activities. This high-rise and squat-proof legging accentuates your curves and solves muffin top concerns.

Maximum comfort and support are made possible by the stretchy, breathable, and sweat-wicking fabric used in this legging. You can wear it at different events and seasons. With this high-waist compression legging, there are no more fading and pilling issues to deal with. 

On the other hand, please refer to the product’s size chart to avoid issues and get the accurate size.


  • Stretchy, breathable, and sweat-wicking fabric
  • Four-way stretch and high-waist design
  • Highly recommended for different occasions
  • Squat-proof, no fading, and pilling, free movements
  • Helps accentuate your figure


  • A few sizing issues

This seamless workout legging is stylish, comfortable, provides a perfect fit and excellent performance.

7. Calvin Klein Double Waistband Moisture Wicking Legging

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

Accurate fit and sizing are what you can expect from this legging. You can wear it to the gym and other events. It features a seamless inner pocket where you can keep small stuff.

This legging comes with a double waistband; hence, it could match long and crop tops. The top-quality, firm, and smooth fabric is comfortable to the skin, it’s easy to wash, and air dry too. To look slimmer, shape your thick thighs and control your tummy, this legging can be your go-to.

However, while this legging is made using comfortable fabric material, it sometimes feels too thick.


  • Designed with a seamless inner pocket
  • Not prone to fading, wrinkling, or shrinking
  • Ensures precise fit and sizing
  • Crafted with a double waistband
  • Made using top-quality and built to last fabric


  • The material used feels quite thick.

Undoubtedly, this option is perfect for shaping thick thighs and tummy control.

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

This high-rise workout legging is famous for maximum comfort, support, and style. You’ll be amazed by its stretchy, comfortable, and durable fabric, making it an ideal choice to wear at any event. Best of all, it provides complete coverage regardless of your movements.

You can move all you want since these workout tights won’t restrict your movements. It features a trendy style; it can provide an excellent fit and outstanding performance. The quality of this item seems built to last; it retains its shape after several washes.

Please handle this squat-proof interlink legging with care as it appears prone to getting easily stained.


  • Offers gentle midsection compression
  • Provides complete coverage regardless of movements
  • Stretchy, comfortable, and durable fabric
  • Allows more mobility and support
  • Stylish, better fit, and exceptional performance


  • Requires extra care

As a whole, this product provides the best combo of unmatched durability, breathability, support, and comfort.

9. JOYSHAPER High Waisted Workout Leggings

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

This high-waist legging features a stretchable, breathable, flexible, and sweat-wicking fabric. It does not fail in providing a comfortable fit when you’re working out. The distinctive mesh design looks chic and helps make your legs appear slimmer.

This workout legging is not prone to fading and tearing easily since the fabric is thick enough. Furthermore, the exterior pocket design is quite convenient in keeping any small essentials when exercising. Aside from wearing it in the gym, you can also wear this legging when running errands, etc.

Anyhow, the minor gripe is that the waistband tends to roll down at times.


  • Features unique mesh design
  • Stretchable, breathable, flexible, and sweat-wicking fabric
  • Designed with convenient outside pocket
  • Does not fade or tear easily
  • Ideal to use for different occasions


  • Waistband rolls down sometimes

Right to it, this workout legging helps you look slimmer and fashionable at the same time.

10. Shapermint High Waisted Medium Compression Leggings

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

This stretchy legging is suitable to wear during workout sessions and other daily activities. It allows more mobility and helps you make your midsection look slimmer. It also offers effortless control from the midsection to the ankles.

The legging looks elegant and versatile, making it perfect as a daily outfit. Please choose your actual size from the product’s sizing chart. With several available sizes, choose the larger size on the chart if you need in-between sizes.

Unquestionably, the non-see-through, four-way stretch and smooth fabric are one of the best features you’ll love. On the drawback, the top rolls as soon as you bend over.


  • Exceptional tummy control feature
  • Non-see through, four-way stretch, and smooth fabric
  • Sleek control from your midsection to your ankles
  • Available in several different sizes
  • More movement during a workout or any activity


  • The top rolls as soon as you bend over

This compression legging is a practical choice for excellent tummy control and utmost comfort.

11. FULLSOFT 3 Pack Women’s Leggings

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

This skin-friendly and soft legging is an excellent choice for active women. It is beneficial for strenuous activities and movements. The lightweight and ultra-soft material feels friendly to the skin, and it’s available in plus sizes.

You can rely on it as it compresses, contours, and supports your midsection. The interlock seams and non-see-through designs are also a few of the attractive features of this legging. For all that, it might not be the perfect option for women looking for a squat-proof design.


  • Lightweight and ultra-stretch material
  • Compress, contour, and support midsection
  • Ideal for strenuous movements and activities
  • Available in plus sizes
  • Interlock seams and non-see-through design


  • Seems not designed as a squat proof

Women who wish to compress, contour, and support their midsection area will find this legging worth considering.

12. ONGASOFT Yoga Pants for Women

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

This legging is made using 25% spandex and 75% nylon materials. The fabric is breathable and stretchable, keeping you cool and dry all the time. Meanwhile, the elastic and high-rise waistband works excellently in ensuring exceptional tummy control.

You can select from different lengths and colors. This legging is best to use for several purposes like casual wear, yoga, workout, and fitness. Indeed, this high-waist legging remains in place and conforms to your shape.

This item is convenient when keeping your small stuff safe, thanks to its multiple pockets. However, be careful with the mesh part, as it seems to be slightly flimsy.


  • Keeps you cool and dry
  • Available in different lengths and colors
  • Designed with multiple pockets
  • High-waist design and excellently controls tummy
  • Ideal as daily casual wear, workout, yoga, etc.


  • Mesh part is a bit flimsy

This tight compression legging appears to be unmatched when it comes to comfort and complete support.

13. Homma Slimming Leggings

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

Women who prefer breathable and tight-fit legging will find this product a practical option. It allows you to move without much restriction; it’s seamless and offers firm compression. The high-rise waistband is purposely for contouring your body.

Since this legging is breathable, designed with four-way stretch, and offers additional comfort, it’s ideal for different occasions.  The fabric is thick enough, yet it dries fast. It helps in making you appear slimmer, yet it does not cause any discomfort.

Unfortunately, there are only a few color options available for this multipurpose item.


  • Strong compression, seamless, moisture-wicking
  • Stretch to fit, dries fast, and thick fabric
  • High-rise waistband for body contouring
  • Allows you to move with much ease
  • Four-way stretch, extra comfort, and breathable


  • Limited color options available

This compression legging is ideal for making you appear slimmer, and it’s suitable for different occasions.

14. TrainingGirl Women Hot Neoprene Sauna Sweat Pants

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

The stylish cutting lines and pocket on the right side are practical additions because they match any outfit. You can store a few items in the pocket as well. Wearing this legging on any occasion ensures a smooth and comfortable feeling.

The stretchable and antiseptic mesh crotch helps circulate air in the body; as a result, you feel cool and dry. The fabric wicks moisture and fits different body shapes, and does not restrict your movements. It accelerates the fat-burning process, helps you achieve a sexier backside and flat tummy.

The only con you’ll encounter with this sweat pants is that it makes noise whenever you walk.


  • Fashionable cutting lines and side pocket
  • Stretchable and antiseptic mesh crotch
  • Accelerate the fat burning process
  • Helps achieve a sexier butt and flat tummy
  • Smooth and comfortable


  • Creates slight noise when walking

On the whole, this legging is a great partner for a faster fat-burning process.

15. Sunzel Workout Leggings for Women

The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023
The 15 Best Leggings For Thick Thighs In 2023

The fabric of this legging is sweat-wicking, buttery soft, and breathable. It’s perfect for women who are athletic and plus-size. The midsection area is stitched differently to offer additional compression on the tummy area.

This non-see-through legging helps you look slimmer and comes with a wide inseam of 28-inches. It features a waistband pocket that lets you secure your essentials during exercise.

The only issue with this high-waist legging is that it’s only available in leopard prints.


  • Non-see-through and stylish
  • High-waist design with a soft buttery texture
  • Designed with hidden waistband pocket
  • Flexible and quick-drying
  • Ideal for plus-size women


  • No available plain colors

This flexible, stylish, and quick-drying legging is comfortable and flexible to wear on a wide range of occasions.

Shopping Tips For The Best Leggings For Bigger Thighs

There are several things to consider before purchasing the best leggings for big butts and thick thighs. First, you need to check the fabric the legging is made of. You need to ensure that they’re breathable and stretchable so you can enjoy more comfort and freedom of movement.

Moreover, leggings made using spandex and elastane materials are better options since they’re sturdier and sleek to touch. We strongly suggest getting the ones with double-stitch on the seams because such options are made to last. 

It’s best to go for brands that can ensure softness, durability, comfort, and excellent performance. Not to mention, opt for fabrics that are sweat-wicking and don’t easily tear after several washes.

Picking The Suitable Leggings For Thick Thighs

When purchasing leggings for thick thighs, you should look into the following factors:

Stretchy Fit

 A stretchable fit is critical for women with thick and large thighs. Go for options with 10 to 20% spandex material and squat proof.

Leggings made using stretchy materials are adept at delivering an excellent, more supportive, and comfortable fit.


As aforementioned, choose legging fabrics that are comfortable, soft, durable, and stretchable. You can achieve all these if you go for elastane and spandex options.

Cotton materials are also excellent choices when it comes to ensuring breathability and softness. Meanwhile, polyester is ideal for activewear leggings because of its moisture resistance and sweat-wicking properties.


For plus-size women, opt for leggings that provide additional room for your upper legs. This is crucial for the leggings’ silhouette.

When searching online, it’s best to check product reviews to know if they have roomy space for upper legs.


Leggings with double-stitched seams are in for the long haul, especially for an active lifestyle. They’re not prone to get ripped easily, and they can ensure supreme durability.

How To Wear Leggings With Big Thighs?

Having large and thick thighs should not be a serious concern with the right pair of leggings. To solve this problem, you may consider the following tips and tricks:

1. Avoid wearing sheer leggings

Sheer leggings flaunt your thigh’s imprint since they are commonly transparent and made using a low-quality material. To ensure complete coverage, go for cotton-poly blend leggings instead.

Leggings made using stretchable materials help conceal lumps and bumps and can hold better.

2. Opt for dark-hued or solid colors

Pick leggings with solid or dark-hued colors because darker colors can help you look slimmer. Options with buys patterns further highlight your thick thighs. 

Additionally, leggings with light and bold colors emphasize your large and thick thighs, so they’re not ideal for you.

3. Slimming Leggings

These items are made with excellent compression material that contours and make your body appear slimmer. They help control your tummy and loosen your large thighs.

4. Body Contouring Leggings

These options are perfect for women with plus-size figures. Body contouring leggings conceal your problem areas, lift your backside, and shape your body.

5. Ditch wearing short tops

Wearing longer tunics and tops can help cover your thick and large thighs better. Meanwhile, wearing short tops reveal and accentuate your waistline and thighs.

To cover your bottoms, you may wear jackets and sweaters for a more elegant look and confidence.

6. Go for ankle-length leggings

Pick leggings that are ankle length. Otherwise, you will appear shorter and broader.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Lululemon ideal for thick thighs?

Yes. Lululemon fabric comes with distinctive properties that can guarantee precise performance, feel, silhouette, and fit.

2. Is it ok to wear leggings if I have big thighs?

Yes. There are leggings specially designed for women with big thighs. Go for leggings with stretchable materials to get the perfect fit.

3. What pants are suitable for thick thighs?

Pants made using elastane materials are ideal for women with thicker thighs. The increased elasticity of the stretch material can provide more mobility and comfort. 

4. What should I wear for thick thighs?

To hide your thick thighs, go for high-waist leggings or pants. These options will help make you appear slimmer, highlight your curves, and offer more support.

Meanwhile, for more activewear leggings ideas,

is a must-see.

5. Do leggings make your legs appear slimmer?

The correct pair of leggings can help make your legs appear slimmer. This is because they’re designed with strategic patterns and stitches that make you look slimmer and taller.

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Final Thoughts

Wearing leggings can provide women with supreme comfort and confidence. Ultimately, among the products reviewed in this post, CompressionZ high-waist legging remains the best option. This is because it enables you to workout with more confidence, freedom and comfort.

Hopefully, the best leggings for thick thighs reviewed in this post can help you find your right match. Always consider the fabric, feel and fit of the leggings you’re buying so that you’ll end up satisfied.

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