Top 21 Best Harem Pants For Men and Women In 2022

Are you familiar with harem pants? If not, let us tell you this: They are the most comfortable pants we have ever worn!

Harem pants are baggy, loose, and long! They sometimes have a drop crotch. No matter how much you pull them up, it remains saggy on the hips. 

In this post, we will review the top 20 best harem pants for men and women so you can pick the fittest one for you. 


Top 3 Harem Pants For Men

1. Yogipace 27”- 37″ Inseam, Petite/Regular/Tall, Women’s Boot cut Yoga Pants Long Workout Pants #1 – Editor’s ChoiceCotton
2. ODODOS Women’s High-Waist Yoga Leggings with Pockets, Tummy Control #2Linen
3. COOFANDY Men Cotton Linen Yoga Pant Casual Drawstring Loose Fit Baggy Harem Pant#3Cotton, Linen

Top 3 Harem Pants For Women

1. Joob Joob Women Flowy Boho Pants Harem Loose Yoga Pants#1 – Editor’s ChoiceRayon
2. Banjamath Women Smocked Waist Harem Hippie Boho Yoga Palazzo Casual Pants#2Rayon
3. INVACHI Men Casual Elastic Waist Linen Capri Wide-Leg Baggy Harem Pants Trousers#3Rayon

Best Harem Pants- Reviews 2022 (Men and Women)

If you are not sure of your size: consult with each product link’s size chart.

10 Best Harem Pants Men

1. Perdontoo Men Women Cotton Harem Yoga Baggy Genie Boho Pants

Yes, it is true! The perdontoo Harem Boho Pants are 100% cotton! And you will love how it feels on the skin! This style is ideal for men who practice yoga almost every day. 

The baggy pants have a drawstring closure to adjust the waistband fit. The soft fabric makes these genie pants more comfortable to wear for any occasion.

  • The harem and genie-style pants are available in many colors.
  • The pants are also ideal for women.
  • The breathable fabric is perfect for humid weather.
  • The pockets may stick out.

2. INVACHI Men Casual Elastic Waist Linen Capri Wide-Leg Baggy Harem Pants Trousers

The Invachi Baggy Harem Pants come in more than 30 colors and designs. The wide-leg Capri-style pants will look great with sneakers, sandals, and rubber shoes. 

It is one of the best trousers to use in yoga sessions for men because of the pants’ elastic waistband. Moreover, the pants are also exceptional casual wear on the beach, parks, at home, and even jogging.

  • The fabric is cotton with a drawstring closure.
  • The wide-leg trousers have a low crotch.
  • The loose-fitting pants are cozy to wear.
  • Perfect for any footwear like sneakers or sandals, but not boots.

3. COOFANDY Men Cotton Linen Yoga Pant Casual Drawstring Loose Fit Baggy Harem Pant

The COOFANDY Cotton Linen Yoga Pant is one of the casual wear that is not only ideal for Pilates: it can also make you comfier outdoors. The cut is straight from the waist: so, you will have a loose fit on the legs.

The harem pant is 100% cotton and highly breathable, especially during hot days. If you want more mobility even outside your home, these yoga pant is perfect!

  • The cotton-linen baggy pant has a drawstring closure.
  • If you are not on a yoga session, you can wear it outdoors with any type of footwear.
  • The pants come in 30 colors & styles.
  • Machine washes in cold water.

4. ChiangmaiThaiShop 100% Cotton Baggy Boho Aladdin Yoga Harem Pants

If you want Aladdin-type yoga harem pants, the ChiangmaiThaiShop Baggy Boho Aladdin Pants are a top choice. The Boho pants are super baggy and low crotch, but with elastics on the bottom.

The waistband is also elastic and has a drawstring for tightening. You can wear the fashionable harem on any occasion and not just for yoga sessions.

  • The 100% cotton harem pants are unisex wears.
  • The pants have two side pockets for essentials.
  • The pants have sizes ranging from 26 inches to 46 inches waistline.
  • Men should don underwear when wearing these pants.

5. AvaCostume Men Lightweight Loose Yoga Pants Elastic Waist Modal Yoga Harem Pants

The AvaCostume Yoga Harem Pants offer the most colorful loose yoga pants in the market. You can choose from white, black, wine red, fuchsia, and other dark and light colors.

Men will love the variety of colors that AvaCostume offers. The elastic waistband fits perfectly on your waist without constricting it. The pants are also ideal for home wear and not just for yoga.

  • The fabric is 95% modal cotton and 5% spandex.
  • The loose yoga pants have two side pockets and no pocket options.
  • The stretchy fabric goes well with workouts, jogging, and other exercises.
  • The elastic waistband has no drawstring.

6. AITFINEISM Men Cotton Baggy Hippie Boho Gypsy Aladdin Yoga Harem Pants

The AITFINEISM Hippie Aladdin Yoga Harem Pants is a Bohemian (Boho) type of yoga harem trousers that offer multiple prints designs. The Aladdin-inspired pants are from individual cotton patchwork stone dyed to achieve the sought-after looks.

The hippie yoga pants are 100% cotton with a drawstring closure. The inseam is drop crotch to achieve the baggy look. The pants are perfect as casual wear paired with sandals and any type of light top.

  • The pants are unisex.
  • Choose from more than a dozen prints and colors.
  • Ideal for men/women who do not want to show skin during yoga sessions.
  • Machine washable with cold water.

7. Banjamath Men Yoga Harem Lounge Boho Parachute Loose Baggy Pants

If you want not-too-loose harem yoga pants at a purse-friendly price, better try the Banjamath Harem Lounge Boho Parachute Baggy Pants. The drawstring closure trousers have a shorter inseam than most Boho-type harem pants.

The pants come in nine different colors and designs with one side pocket on the right. The pants are an absolute relief for humid days. You can wear it comfortably on the beach or at home.

  • The maximum inseam length is 30 inches for US size 4-12.
  • The fabric is 100% Rayon.
  • If you want to feel light, these parachute pants work well.
  • For hand washing only.

8. COOFANDY Men Linen Harem Capri Pants

Men who prefer to wear loose but Capri-type harem pants may find the COOFANDY Linen Harem Pants way too sexy! But they will surely love the look and feel!

The lightweight and loosely fit 3/4 shorts yoga trousers have an elastic waistband with drawstring closure. The pants are not only sexyyoga trousers but casual beachwear, as well.

  • The fabric is a combination of cotton & linen.
  • The trousers have two side pockets.
  • It comes in solid light and dark colors.
  • The harem pants look more intimate with a pair of sandals.

9. Siamrose Harem Pants for Men and Women, Baggy Pants, Aladdin Pants, Yoga Pants

Men and women practitioners may find the Siamrose Harem Yoga Pants one of the super comfortable wears in yoga sessions. Look, these baggy pants have one size fits all cut. The waist is 44 inches but elastic with drawstring closure.

The hips are also baggy with a measurement of 50 inches, while the length is 40 inches. The pants are 100% cotton, airy and breathable, and come in printed and solid colors.

  • The harem pants fit US 6-14 sizes.
  • The trousers come in seven colors and styles at the same price each.
  • The size will fit you even when gaining weight.
  • The yoga pants come only in one size.

10. CLANMILUMS Men Women Cotton Baggy Aladdin Hippie Boho Gypsy Yoga Harem Pants

The CLANMILUMS Aladdin Hippie Yoga Harem Pants come at a mid-range price where you can pick the best style for you. The baggy Aladdin-style yoga pants have the crotch too deep for versatile mobility.

Yoga enthusiasts leaning to hip-hop fashion will find these Boho pants more fashionable both outdoors and indoors. The fabric is 100% cotton providing excellent breathability. Also, the ankles have elastics for non-lousy leg opening.

  • Ideal for both men and women yoga practitioners.
  • The pants have an elastic waistband with a drawstring closure.
  • The Boho pants have two side pockets.
  • For hand washing only with cold water and a slow drying cycle.

10. CLANMILUMS Men Women Cotton Baggy Aladdin Hippie Boho Gypsy Yoga Harem Pants

The CLANMILUMS Aladdin Hippie Yoga Harem Pants come at a mid-range price where you can pick the best style for you. The baggy Aladdin-style yoga pants have the crotch too deep for versatile mobility.

Yoga enthusiasts leaning to hip-hop fashion will find these Boho pants more fashionable both outdoors and indoors. The fabric is 100% cotton providing excellent breathability. Also, the ankles have elastics for non-lousy leg opening.

11. Virblatt – Harem Pants for Men & Women | 100% Cotton | Drop Crotch Pants Men Parachute Pants Aladdin Pants Hippie Indie

More men will appreciate the dark color virblatt Harem Pants with a deep drop crotch with a drawstring closure and elastic waistband. The 100% cotton fabric will make you breathe fresher even when you are outdoors under the sun.

The stunning design of this Aladdin-style parachute pants comes in a wide range of sizes from S to XXL. The inseam length (drop crotch) varies with the size. Plus-size men and women will never have a hard time finding the correct size for them.

  • The harem pants are unisex (for men & women).
  • The hippie pants have two slash pockets and two side pockets with zippers.
  • The right side pocket bore a mandala emblem, handcrafted embroidery.
  • The pants come in only two dark colors: black & gray.

10 Best Harem Pants Women

1. Joob Joob Women Flowy Boho Pants Harem Loose Yoga Pants

The casual Bohemian hippie pajama Joob Joob Flowy Boho Pants are harem loose yoga pants with pull-on closure. If you hate drawstrings, this is the one you are looking for. The Elephant Pajama Pants are also tummy concealers!

The elastic waistband is mid-rise: so you can wear it at the level of your navel. The fabric comes in 15 colors and styles, providing maximum comfort, especially during hot weather.

  • The modern look of Joob Joob features ethnic prints.
  • The elephant Pajama pants are ideal gifts for loved ones.
  • Made in Thailand with strict and more ethical Fair Trade regulations.
  • For hand washing only.

2. Banjamath Women Smocked Waist Harem Hippie Boho Yoga Palazzo Casual Pants

Women wanting a more convenient smocked waist Boho yoga pants will be impressed with the Banjamath Casual Pants. Their silhouette will be more stunning when wearing this harem hippie Palazzo-style pants.

The pants do not have a drawstring, but the ruched fabric and elastic waistband provide elegance to these versatile pants. The smocked waist hippie trousers are 100% Rayon fabric that does not fade in color over time.

  • The fabric is thin enough for more comfortable wear.
  • All the fabrics come printed with Bohemian designs.
  • The size conforms to petite and regular-built women.
  • Not for machine washing. Manual washing is preferred.

3. B BANGKOK PANTS Women Harem Hippie Pants Boho Clothing

You will be surprised to know that the B BANGKOK PANTS Harem Hippie Pants Boho comes in only three sizes. One for petite, the second is for regular built, and the other for plus-size women. You see, the hippie trousers XS to L (for US sizes) fits women with size ranging from 0 to 14 (US).

Regular built women (L-2XL) with size 16-20; plus-size (2XL-3XL) women ranging from 20-24 sizes will fit in their corresponding sizes. So, if you are on the borderline, pick the one below size.

  • The fabric is 100% Rayon with elastic closure for more comfortable wear.
  • The Boho-style pants have one side pocket.
  • The harem pants come with ethnic prints and lively colors.
  • The pants have no drawstring.

4. AvaCostume Women Modal Cotton Soft Yoga Sports Dance Harem Pants

AvaCostume provides some of the world’s best harem pants. The Modal Cotton Soft Yoga Harem Pants are one of those. The assorted colors this brand provides will let women pick the best style for them. 

The AvaCostume Sports Dance Pants are simply out of this world! The fabric is 95% modal cotton and 5% Lycra. The harem is not just for yoga; you can also wear them for dancing and other exercises, and even when sleeping. 

  • The soft fabric makes the pants more breathable, especially during workouts.
  • The waistband and bottom hem are elastic.
  • The trousers’ legs are super wide!
  • The pants have no side pocket.

5. Urban CoCo Women Floral Print Boho Yoga Pants Harem Pants Jogger Pants

Women who want floral print Bohemian-style harem trousers may find the Urban CoCo Yoga Pants more appealing! Why not? You see, these harem slacks have floral prints that enhance more femininity for the wearer.

Moreover, the cut is not so baggy compared to other loose-fit Bohos. The style is more of a straight cut that conforms to the waist measurement. The Urban CoCo Yoga & Jogger Pants surely deliver sexiness rather than a hippie look. The fabric is 100% Rayon.

  • The cut shows more butt silhouette than regular baggy harem pants.
  • One of the cheapest brands of harem pants.
  • The waistband has a drawstring and elastic closure.
  • Not for machine washing and bleaching.

6. FitGlam Women High Slit Harem Yoga Pants Loose Fit Lounge Beach Pants

If you want to show some skin while wearing harem pants, you got to see the FitGlam High Slit Harem Yoga Pants. The loose-fit lounge harem trousers are also ideal wear as beach pants.

Aside from the side slits, the pants are also one of the best high-waist harem yoga pants you can wear. The high-rise waistband provides a snug fit that polishes support and coverage. The fabric is 95% Rayon and 5% spandex.

  • The bottoms have hem cuffed; so they will not drag on the ground.
  • The ventilating side slits are from mid-hips to above ankle.
  • The pants are perfect for an active lifestyle.
  • Not ideal for swimming on the beach or pool.

7. FitGlam Women Harem Pants Lose Casual Lounge Yoga Beach Pants Plus-Size Joggers

Here is another FitGlam Harem Pants that will leave you breathless because of the cut. The FitGlam Casual Lounge Yoga Beach Pants are diamond-shaped cut. Compared to the FitGlam High Slit, the FitGlam plus-size pants are too loose on the thighs.

The versatility of these harem pants keeps you comfortable doing exercises while on the beach or just lounging at home. However, the harem pants are best to use during your yoga practices.

  • Ideal for women with big thighs and
  • Your thighs will have more comfort when you move heavily.
  • The breathable fabric is 95% Rayon and 5% spandex.
  • Machine wash cold, no bleach, and hang to dry.

8. Lannaclothesdesign Palazzo Pants for Women Wide Leg Boho Harem Yoga Pants

If you feel more comfortable in Palazzo pants, make way for the Lannaclothesdesign Wide Leg Boho Harem Yoga Pants. The wide-leg Bohemian trousers have sizes from petite to plus-sizes (S, M, L, and XL).

These Palazzo-style pants are cut loose and with extra-wide legs flaring out from the waist. The cut and fabric of Lannaclothesdesign Boho Pants are ideal during hot weather. The shape is quite flattering with lightweight flowing fabric that is more breathable on hot days.

  • The elastic waist provides tummy support.
  • The closure comes in a pull-on elastic waistband.
  • The pants are ideal gifts/presents for loved ones.
  • Be careful in choosing your correct size, as the brand comes in four size ranges.
  • Wash on a delicate cycle.

9. Boho Pants Harem Pants Yoga Trousers for Woman Bohemian Beach Pants

The Boho Bohemian Harem Pants are yoga pants that you can wear high- or below the waistline. The elastic waistband has no drawstring but comes in a wide range of sizes. The pants offer 22 to 44 inches of waist circumference.

The brand offers 27 vibrant colors and styles with an average inseam of 31 inches and an outseam of 42 inches. The prints are authentic designs inspired by traditional Thai dresses and symbols. The fabric is 100% Rayon.

  • The pants are handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • The beach pants are recommended for boys & girls up to 5’7” in height.
  • The Boho pants have two side pockets.
  • The fabric is for hand washing only.

10. B BANGKOK PANTS Women Harem Pants Jumpsuit Hippie Clothes

The B Bangkok Harem Pants surely never go out of style! Like, the B BANGKOK Jumpsuit Hippie Clothes that are high-waist and perfect for yoga. The hippie yoga pants are 100% Rayon with stunning prints and colors.

One of the best features of the B Bangkok hippie pants is the versatility of use. You can wear these trousers as a jumpsuit, harem pants, or baggy pants. The utilization seems endless, indeed!

  • The lightweight and soft fabric are hypoallergenic.
  • The Bohemian pants are also ideal as pajamas.
  • The harem pants come in more than 20 colors & styles.
  • For hand washing only without tumble drying.

Best Harem Pants – Ultimate Buying Guide For 2022

1. Choose the proper fabric/material.

Nowadays, harem pants come in modal, rayon, or cotton fabrics. The rayon material is a semi-synthetic fabric from natural fibers but with added chemicals to make it as rayon fibers. Rayon is softer to the skin: but not as breathable as cotton.

The modal fabric is a type of rayon but is mostly plant-based in origin. Modal is more flexible and durable. On the other hand, cotton comprised the majority of fabric for harem pants. Cotton is lightweight, more breathable, and absorbs moisture. 

Cotton is best for hot and humid environments. However, if you sweat a lot, you need to wash the cotton pant more extensively because of their moisture-absorbent quality. Cotton also does not dry quickly.

2. Match the style with your lifestyle.

Harem pants come in different styles. The styles come in various cuts, designs, fits, and prints. Most yoga practitioners who do not want the skin to show during sessions prefer the harem pants with deep drop crotch.

Most backpackers usually prefer the hippie, gypsy, boho, or elephant styles. For the athletic wearers, they favor stretchy harem pants. 

3. What fit are you more comfortable with?

Harem pants are baggy and loose with a waistband that has a drawstring or pull-on closures. The band will dictate how the harem pants will fit you. So, find the pants that will suit very well on your waist (mid-or high-rise are your picks) and make you more comfortable.

What Is A Harem Pant?

Harem pants (also called harem trousers or flared leg trousers) are baggy, loose, and long slacks. The pants are of soft material that is gathered closely at the ankle. The pants style was called harem and were popular in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire (AD 1299-1453). In Iran, the harem pants are called ‘sirwal’. Paul Poiter of France, a well-known fashion designer of that time: brought the style to the western world during the early 20th century (1910). 

Today, harem pants are one of the most popular fashion garments both for men and women. The harem pants are also popular wear by more yoga practitioners because of the trousers’ comfortable style, cut, and fabric.

Do I Have To Wear Heels With Harem Pants?

You can wear heels while wearing harem pants. However, it depends upon the occasion. It is a big no-no if you are supposed to attend a casual event, like an outdoor party. You can probably wear flats or sandals on this kind of occasion with your harem pants.

Moreover, the best time to pair harem pants with heels is when going to formal events. It is the same with weddings and other formal events.

Why Do Hippies Wear Harem Pants?

Hippies like to wear loose and comfortable clothes (like harem pants) because they want more freedom in movement. They also want to feel more comfortable on their bodies, especially when outdoors.

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1. What fabric is best for harem pants?

The harem pants are the favorites of men and women who want more comfort and convenience by wearing oversized clothing. The baggy and loose fit of harem pants makes the trousers lighter to the feel.

However, cotton is the favorite fabric of yoga practitioners, while rayon and modal are the choices of backpackers. Cotton is more breathable, so more yoga fanatics want to wear this type of outfit. However, rayon is durable and soft to the skin. Most backpackers want this material on harem pants.

2. Are harem pants still stylish?

The harem pants are an up-and-coming fashion trend that peaks in the 70s and 80s. The baggy pants with and mid-rise and high-waist features are now back in style. In the late 1980s, rapper and dancer MC Hammer made a version of harem pants. His style of harem pants became popular and was called Hammer pants.

3. What are the best low-key harem pants?

Some of the best low-key harem pants are the ChiangmaiThaiShop Men Aladdin Yoga Harem Pants, AITFINEISM Men Hippie Boho Gypsy Harem Pants, Urban CoCo Women Harem Pants, and the B BANGKOK Women Harem Hippie Pants. 

4. What do you wear under harem pants?

In some parts of the world, harem pants are called Thai fisherman pants. And what is the best to wear under these pants? Some ladies wear silky panties or shapewear underneath the pants, while more men prefer wearing boxer shorts.

5. Are harem pants comfortable?

Yes, they are! The harem pants are more comfortable during summer months and humid days, especially those with thinner fabric.

6. Why are harem pants so baggy?

The bagginess of the pants was primarily to protect the wearer from heat while fresh air will have more area to circulate.

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More people knew that the harem pants are some of the most comfortable trousers to wear. It is more important if you want more freedom of movement and a refreshing feeling. The pants are also great for yoga, backpackers, casual wear at home or in events, and formal wear.

Harem pants come in various sizes, gorgeous prints and styles, and various materials. You can pair harem pants with almost any top-wear as crop tops, t-shirts, and other simple tops for casual wear.

For women, harem pants under vest top or leather jackets are stylish, indeed. But no matter what you wear on top of harem pants, you will surely enjoy the comfort it brings!

For our top picks of the best harem pants, we find the Siamrose Harem Aladdin Pants for Men as the number one. The Joob Joob Women Flowy Boho Harem Pants are a game-changer for most women!

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