15 Best Leggings For Curvy Figure In 2022

The leggings had been the favorite underpants of women, especially during this pandemic. One fashion guru calls them the ‘pandemic pants’ because almost all women under lockdowns wear them.

Today, more women wear leggings at home doing yoga or exercising outside, or just lazing around. The leggings become part of the everyday lives of women. If you do not want to wear harem pants during your yoga sessions, the leggings will make you feel even better-doing poses.

But do leggings enhance your curvy figure? Yes, of course!

Some leggings will keep your curves highlighted, but you have to choose the right one for you. Here are 15 of the best leggings for a curvy figure as we review them for you!

1. Homma Premium Thick High-Waist Tummy Compression Slimming Leggings #1 – Editor’s Choice Nylon, Spandex
2. SATINA High-Waist Leggings for Women Soft Women Leggings in Capri & Full Lengths #2 Polyester, Spandex
3. 90-Degree by Reflex Women Power Flex Yoga Pants #3 Polyester, Spandex

15 Best Leggings For Curvy Figure – Top Reviews 2022

Check for the size chart on each product link. The size chart will help you figure out the correct measurement for you!

1. SATINA High-Waist Leggings for Women Soft Women Leggings in Capri & Full Lengths

Women regular and plus-sizes find SATINA High-Waist Leggings in Capri & Full Lengths styles one of the legging types to fit them well. The SATINA high-waist leggings hug your body softly and snugly but will keep you more comfortable. The good news is, it comes in 25 colors, mostly in dark solid hues so, you can have them every day in different shades.

Yes, you can afford several leggings from SATINA because of their bargain prices! They come in a lower price range, but with the quality, you can trust! The leggings are 92% polyester and 8% spandex for the right amount of stretch, even for plus-size ladies.

  • The leggings have an elastic closure for quick bathroom use.
  • Even the waistband hugs your figure smoothly.
  • The buttery soft leggings come in Capri and full-length.
  • The leggings are easy to maintain and wash.
  • The stretchy leggings need low tumble drying.

2. Homma Premium Thick High-Waist Tummy Compression Slimming Leggings

The Homma Premium Slimming Leggings are your best choice if you want a stretch closure for leggings. The thick or wide waistband will keep it in place even if you do extreme poses in yoga. The seamless knit provides more freedom in movement. The soft fabric keeps you slim without warming your skin.

 The material of the Homma Premium is moisture-wicking, unlike any other, which keeps you feeling dry all day. The fabric is 88% nylon and 12% spandex. It is a perfect combination of stretch that hugs your body without constriction. Furthermore, these slimming leggings have targeted ventilation for breathable compression. The compression will not constrict your tummy and thighs but give them comfortable pressing and support.

  • The high-rise waistband is more likely to contour your body.
  • The thick waistband also hides your bulging tummy especially, dark leggings.
  • The material has a 4-way stretch that will not sag even if you lose weight.
  • The stretchy fabric does not constrict your body.
  • The leggings come in solid colors only.
  • Wash with cold water and hang to dry.

3. 90-Degree by Reflex Women Power Flex Yoga Pants

The 90-Degree Power Flex Yoga Pants by Reflex are high-waist leggings that provide enough tummy control for active women. 90-Degree is one of the most popular legging brands that offer more than 30 colors. The price is mid-to-high-range, depending on the color of the fabric. The pants have pull-on closure with a thick and high waistband for better hiding of muffin top and FUPA.

The slimming leggings are a better alternative for harem pants if you want more movements during a yoga practice. But the Power Flex leggings are versatile enough to wear for any occasion like workouts, outdoors, home wear, and not just for yoga.

  • The high-waist leggings toned and slim your mid-section without feeling stretch-out.
  • The stretchy pants have two pockets on the hips for mobile phones and other accessories.
  • The waistband is 4.5 inches high for perfect tummy control.
  • The fabric is 76% polyester and 24% spandex.
  • The yoga pants do not have light colors.
  • The price varies from color to color.
  • It has a shorter inseam at 25 inches.

4. No Nonsense Women Cotton Legging

The No-Nonsense Cotton Legging is one of the easiest leggings to care for and wear. It is because they are not skintight, unlike other tight-fitting leggings. The fabric is 57% cotton, 38% polyester, and just 5% spandex, thus the not-so-tight-fit. The No Nonsense legging comes in versatile solid colors that match any upper wear such as tank tops, t-shirts, button-down shirts, or tunics.

You can wear this legging everyday pair with sneakers, pumps, sandals, or heels: there is no particular shoe for it. The good thing is: you wear what you feel comforts you! The cotton fabric makes these leggings more breathable than other non-cotton tights. Your curvy figure will come out as a great silhouette once you wear a pair of these cotton leggings.

  • The cotton leggings are more breathable than non-cotton pants.
  • The leggings have a pull-on closure without a drawstring.
  • It uses the Smart Temp tech that adjusts to body temperature.
  • The inseam is 29 inches that flatter your curve without the baggy look.
  • The fabric may dry longer than non-cotton ones.
  • Panty lines may show in lighter colors like white.

5. VIV Collection Women High Waist Print Fashion Leggings Pants Brushed Buttery Soft

If you want an opaque fabric for leggings, why not try the VIV Collection Brushed Buttery Soft Leggings? It is one of the cheapest women’s leggings but will not leave you short-changed. This VIV Collection, though soft as butter, as they say, is not flimsy. The fabric also does not fade when worn and washed every day. It has a thick waistband that does not cut on the skin.

The waistband is 4.5 inches thick provides substantial tummy control, especially for those with a curvy figure. The ultra-soft brushed fabric is 92% polyester and 8% spandex for ample stretch on body contour. The leggings come in 50 colors, light ones being the majority. Moreover, the VIV Collection has two sizes: the One-Size fits sizes ranging from 0 (or XS) to 12 and the L; for those 14 to 24.

  • The brushed fabric of these pants is fade-resistant.
  • It keeps the dreaded muffin top at bay because of the thick waistband.
  • The price tag is one of the lowest in the leggings category.
  • The buttery texture of the fabric feels like a second skin.
  • Warning: The low price but more flattering look of these leggings may leave you addicted to wearing them.

6. Women Cotton Plus-Size Leggings | Stretchy | X-Large – 7X | Made in the U. S. A.

Do you hate legging with a thick waistband? Try the Stretch is Comfort Cotton Plus-size Leggings that have a 1-inch elastic waistband. The leggings have just enough stretch (with 5 % spandex and 95% cotton), making them more breathable for plus-size women. The size ranges from 2XL to 5XL with non-see-through fabric and 4-way stretch.

Even if you are plus-size, there is no way that the waistband slips from your waist if you pick the correct size. You see, if you are curvy but plus-size, the fabric will still hug your figure softly even when moving heavily. The cotton material will give you the snug fit that you look for without constricting your curves.

  • The leggings are perfect for casual wear with any type of top.
  • The thick but soft cotton fabric will define your curve.
  • The pants come with an elastic closure without a drawstring for more convenience.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Allow ½-inch of ease for a stretch of the fabric.
  • The price ranges from low to mid-cost.

7. QYQ Buttery Soft Women Leggings -10+Colors –High-Waist Yoga Pants

Does your legging feel like a second skin? Well, if it does not, you may consider buying the QYQ Buttery Soft Women Leggings when you have curves to show. The leggings have a hidden inner pocket for your essentials, such as a mobile phone or keys. The pants are high-waist and non-see-through perfect for yoga sessions, biking, dancing, and other casual activities.

The super-soft leggings fit regular and plus-size women. It also comes in various colors, such as solid black or pink. The 4-way stretch design will keep postpartum women without sagging tummy and abdomen. The softness of the fabric makes the leggings comparable to butter, hence the description!

  • The high-waist pants are ideal for postpartum women.
  • There are sizes for women weighing from 165lbs. to 237lbs.
  • The streamlined design gives you superior compression without cutting the skin.
  • The underwear is not visible even if you bend.
  • The leggings are not ideal for butt lifting.
  • No fancy prints are available.

8. EttelLut Cotton Spandex Basic Leggings Pants-Jersey Full/Capri Regular/Plus Size

Capri leggings are chart-topping for joggers and athletes that prefer to train outdoors. But do you know what their favorite leggings are? Yes! It is the EttelLut Cotton Spandex Capri Leggings! Moreover, these basic leggings and jersey pants also come in full-length. So, if you want both styles, the EttelLut brand is worth every penny.

The EttelLut fabric is 92% cotton and 8% spandex and comes with the lowest price range. Do not be surprised by that! The leggings come in six sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL. The price varies in minimum variation depending on the size. But the price increment still falls on your budget.

  • The leggings fall in a low-cost range but with high-quality material and stretch.
  • The colors are a variety of dark (like black and hunter green) and light hues (yellow, white, full-beige, etc.).
  • The thick waistband for both cuts will provide tummy support.
  • The leggings are stylish and not just for workouts and exercises.
  • All colors come solidly without prints.
  • The white is see-through.

9. ZERDOCEAN Women plus Size Modal Lightweight Full-Length Leggings

Do you want more value for money when buying leggings? Well, we have another cheap full-length legging that can make your day brighter! That is what the ZERDOCEAN Modal Lightweight Full-Length Leggings are all about! The leggings are ideal for plus-size women that never bother to show their curves on a tight-fitting outfit.

Unlike other solid color leggings, the ZERDOCEAN pants offer both printed and solid-color designs. They come in a dozen hues where you can have a different color every day if you want a whole week wearing leggings! The leggings have a thin fabric perfect for humid weather. However, they will look better under dressy tops, sleeveless but long shirts, and the likes.

  • The leggings are ideal for summer wear.
  • The lightweight fabric is more breathable, especially when on a workout.
  • The leggings are comfortable everyday wear.
  • They are machine washable with other colors.
  • The leggings have thin fabric and are see-through.
  • The ideal underwear will be thongs, invisible briefs, boyshorts, and the likes.

10. SPANX Leggings for Women Look at Me Now Seamless Leggings (Regular and Plus-Sizes)

If you want the premium brand, SPANX Look at Me Now Leggings are masters in seamless designs. The Look at Me Now leggings by SPANX remain one of the most sought-after brands of shapewear that offer extreme opacity. Whenever you bend, you are sure nothing is visible on your rear, even panty lines.

The seamless feature does not mean the fabric has no seam. The knit is circularly before the pattern is cut and stitched together. It comes up as smooth and soft pants that you can seldom find in other leggings. This SPANX legging is high-waist without the thick waistband and hugs the body unlike any other.

  • The seamless construction is smooth and comfortable.
  • It comes in solid colors and printed designs in various sizes.
  • The leggings offer efficient tummy control and hide muffin top effectively.
  • The pants hold everything in place without pressing too hard.
  • Pick true to size, so you will not have baggy or too tight leggings.

11. JUST MY SIZE Women plus-size Active Run Legging

Just My Size does the trick all of the time! This active run legging even fits women with big calves and those curvy figures that they want to show. The fabric is 88% polyester and 12% spandex. It enhances a form-fitting look but without digging into the skin. The breathable and soft material makes this plus-size legging more popular with women on the move.

The wide waistband of Just My Size leggings is covered with the fabric and not sewn as it is. The knit provides a smooth and soft sensation to the body while supporting the tummy, unlike any other leggings. The pants come in solid black colors and prints of upbeat teal triangle planes in diamond blue. If your calves bloat, the pierced mesh inserts at this body part will provide more breathability.

  • The fabric is moisture-resistant that keeps you dry and fresh all the time.
  • The butt and outseam have exposed double-stitch seams for durability when moving heavily.
  • The leggings hug your every curve with confidence.
  • The waistband stays put even during extensive workouts.
  • The leggings have no pockets.
  • The knit is not seamless.

12. RBX Active Women Plus-Size Cotton Spandex Workout Yoga Capri/Ankle Leggings

The RBX Active Women Workout Yoga Leggings are stylish Capri or ankle-length leggings for modern women. The opaque fabric is 92% cotton and 8% spandex for stretchy hugging on your curvy figure. However, if you have an hourglass silhouette, the leggings enhance the contour giving you a flattering look.

You will notice the seams at the sides reinforced with flatlock stitching that helps reduce irritants because of chafing. The stretchy fabric with a soft touch gives you more freedom of movement no matter how intense your exercise is. You can own several of these leggings as they come at a fairly reasonable price.

  • The fabric is non-see-through, even for plus-size women.
  • The leggings cuddle your body softly and smoothly without digging into the skin.
  • The yoga pants have side pockets for holding a phone, card, etc.
  • The medium-rise waistband supports the tummy and adds a more admiring outlook.
  • The legs are flared a little bit at the bottom.
  • The fabric does not shrink after initial washes, so pick your true size.

13. Maidenform Women Firm Foundations Shapewear Leggings Available in Tall DMS085

Maidenform is one of the shapewear brands that offer both mid-and high-range prices. Like the Maidenform Women Leggings. But this model, DMS085, is available for tall women with curvy figures. The fabric contains 79% nylon and 21% spandex, which offers high compression without constricting body parts, especially the tummy.

Unlike other leggings, these leggings have a cotton crotch lining that protects your private parts from excessive moisture. The pair of leggings has a pull-on closure, so it will not be too tedious going to the bathroom. The leggings not only highlight your curves but also control the tummy, buttocks, and waist.

  • The leggings help in lifting the butt, unlike other brands.
  • The shapewear is compression leggings with a concealed control panel.
  • The waistband is two-ply and wide for better tummy support.
  • The shapewear is recommendable for hand washing only because of its high spandex concentration.
  • Do not size down for best results.

14. SATINA High-Waist Leggings for Women – Soft Leggings in Capri & Full Lengths

You have two options when choosing the SATINA High-Waist Leggings for Women: you may opt for a Capri or full-length. Moreover, the leggings come in both regular and plus-size in 25 colors. The soft high-waist leggings are 92% polyester and 8% spandex.

It is also one of the cheapest models of SATINA, with qualities you cannot find in other low-cost leggings. The leggings are ideal for women with an hourglass shape to further enhance their curvy silhouette. If you choose the Capri variety, expect a hemmed leg bottom for better calf hugging.

  • The leggings are low maintenance: just throw them in the wash with like colors and tumble dry.
  • The soft fabric is breathable even when exercising.
  • The leggings are ideal wear at home and on any casual occasion.
  • The high waistband keeps the leggings in place without sagging.
  • The leggings have no pockets.

15. HUE Women Cotton Ultra Legging with Wide Waistband

When women talk about leggings, one of their topics is the HUE Cotton Ultra Legging because of its versatility. It has a wide waistband to enhance hugging on your waist without digging your skin. The fabric is quite different from other brands. It has 54% cotton, 38% rayon, and 8% Lycra elastane.

The material combination provides a more comfortable stretch with a pull-on closure. The fabric is not see-through so, you can wear it in any yoga pose and other intense activities. The leggings are ideal for dressing up or down, while the wide waistband is non-binding. The reinforced seams are for non-chafing action.

  • The crotch has reinforced cotton to protect private parts and prevent camel toe.
  • The cotton leggings come in dark and light colors (like black and white).
  • The lightweight comfort keeps you feeling fresh all day.
  • The leggings have no pockets.

Best Leggings For A Curvy Figure – Buying Guide

1. Find the best material for you

Leggings are usually cotton, polyester, and nylon, combined with elastane, such as spandex, that provides stretchiness. Pick the suitable material for your skin. The cotton fabric is soft and breathable. However, it is not as reliable in absorbing moisture compared to nylon or polyester. It is better suited in light workouts.

On the other hand, polyester fabric is sweat-wicking making it a better choice when doing cardio workouts. But wash it regularly because it holds in smells. Moreover, the nylon fabric is lightweight and quick to dry. It handles your sweatiness well, but the fabric tends to shrink. Ensure that you wash it with warm water.

2. Check the tightness

The tightness of your leggings will depend on the exercises you always want to do. Therefore, if you do extensive workouts or run, ensure that you wear a legging that feels like a second skin. In contrast, if you notice something bulging in your stomach, the leggings might be too tight: you probably need one size up.

Do the leggings stay up, no matter what?

Low-rise leggings might be working fine with you, but over time, they may cause you to roll down your waist. It is probably because of aging leggings that they lose the elasticity in keeping the waistband hugging your waist.

The best choice is high-waist leggings that will stay in place whatever exercise intensity you are doing. High-waist leggings will also provide better support to your tummy. Moreover, since they hold above the waistline, the high-waist tends to elongate the body, making you look slimmer.

3. Is the legging designed for you?

Saving money is not bad, after all! But if you want leggings that fit your budget, our list above is just some of the brands that will suit both. However, you must pick the one that best defines your lifestyle.

For example, if you are more inclined to run, why not choose the Capri style? Moreover, if you are into yoga, full-length leggings might be what you need.

However, you cannot fray leggings or stretchy jeans if you want a more rugged look while on workouts. Leggings come with hemmed leg bottom to keep them hugging your body and highlight your curvy figure.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Legging For A Curvy Figure

1. Fabric

Materials like nylon and polyester are perfect for extensive workouts that make you sweat a lot. They are synthetic fabrics that are lightweight, durable, and better at stretching. Compared to cotton, nylon and polyester absorb moisture well.

Nylon fabric, though, is softer than polyester but more sturdy. Polyester is fast drying and abrasion-resistant. However, cotton is more breathable and pulpy than the two synthetics. It is better to use in studio workouts like yoga and other light exercises.

2. Opacity

Before you buy leggings, ensure that the fabric is not see-through. You can try them on in a well-lighted room and bend your knees. If you could see your skin through the cloth, the leggings are not opaque enough.

The opacity of the fabric lets the air into your body without the visibility of your skin. More leggings offer this feature to make the cloth more breathable. Experts call this feature non-see-through. It will prevent exposing your private parts (even underwear) while you do workouts


We are just fascinated to know that there are too many leggings to choose from at affordable prices! But we are being careful to pick the more appropriate leggings for our lifestyle.

We picked the Homma Premium Thick High-Waist Tummy Compression Slimming Leggings as our top choice. See for yourself why we do such a thing! Our review says it all!

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