15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

by Susan T.

Buying the best leggings for tall skinny little girls can be slightly stressful because finding the right size is strenuous. Your little ones grow too fast, and you wouldn’t want them to feel any discomfort when buying them clothes.

But, worry no more because we have researched the most recommended slim-fit leggings available today. The most valuable features you need to look for in leggings are elastic, breathable, thick, and right fit.

To ensure that you’re getting the right option for you, you have to go over some exhaustive product reviews. Comparing the available options can help you decide more intelligently.

We have searched for the most recommended brands to help you narrow down your choices. We have also included a comprehensive shopping guide below to help you choose the right girls’ slim leggings.

Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl
Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl

Top 3 Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl

15 Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl – Top Reviews 2023

1. Spotted Zebra Girls and Toddlers’ Leggings

Spotted Zebra Girls and Toddlers’ Leggings
Spotted Zebra Girls and Toddlers’ Leggings

This pair of girls’ slim leggings features thick material, an elastic waistband, bold graphic prints, and bright solid colors. Shoppers can get this item in multipacks; it’s easy to care for, machine-washable, and comfy to wear.

Little girls will love this pair of leggings because it’s easy to mix and match with other clothes. It displays fun-spirited designs and prints that are amusing to kids. Parents looking for leggings that are perfect as daily wear for their daughters will find this item a must-buy.

It’s an affordable and functional option, making it a great gift idea for any occasion. It’s a lovely legging for active kids who love breathable, stretchable, and soft apparel. Since it’s a bit tight on the ankles, it appears more ideal for kids with skinny legs only.

Key Features:

  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane   

  • Elastic waistband
  • Machine-washable
  • Comes in graphic prints and solid colors
  • Available in multipacks


  • Easy to mix and match with other clothes
  • Features amusing designs that kids love
  • Functional and reasonably-priced option
  • Ideal for daily wear
  • Perfect choice for active kids


  • Some customers complained that this legging is tight on the ankles.

2. LUOUSE Multipack Cute Printed Girls Stretch Leggings Ankle Length 4-13 Years

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

Little girls undeniably love leggings that feature buttery-soft, comfy, breathable, and stretchy material. This item is the perfect wear for different seasons and occasions. Whether little girls go to school, attend parties, go to playgrounds or parks, this legging is ideal for them.

The design of this legging is impressive because it looks fashionable, yet it’s lightweight and durable. It features a fade-proof design, and it’s easy to maintain, making it a versatile option to go for. As for the fit, it’s generally not too loose and not too tight.

The cute and stunning colors and patterns appeal to the eyes, so this legging is a child-friendly option. It features an elastic closure and a non-see-through fabric thick enough to provide sufficient support and coverage.

However, sizing up might be necessary for healthy and tall-build girls. Some claimed that this legging is a bit smaller in the waist area.

Key Features:

  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex

  • Elastic closure

  • Adorable colors and patterns  
  • Versatile and all-around legging to wear


  • Super soft, comfortable, and stretchy material
  • Low maintenance and fade-proof design
  • Ideal for different seasons and occasions
  • Durable, lightweight, and fashionable style
  • Not too loose, not too tight


  • Might be smaller in the waist for healthy and tall-build girls.

3. The Children’s Place Girls’ Leggings

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

This full-length legging is manufactured using super elastic and soft jerseys. Once purchased, shoppers get two packs of leggings at an affordable price. It’s machine-washable and doesn’t quickly wear and tear despite frequent wearing and washing.

In addition, it’s designed with a pull-on closure, and it’s fun and effortless to put together. This item is famous for having a comfortable stretchy waist, excellent quality, and elasticity. It also features top-quality seams, ideal for wearing everywhere and anytime.

On the flip side, it’s vital to check The Children’s Place size chart to get the correct fit. Some buyers reported that this legging is too skinny and tends to bulge in the wrong places. Sizing up is crucial for girls with a healthier and more athletic build.

Key Features:

  • Features a full-length style
  • Made using elastic and soft jersey                                                          
  • Machine-washable and easy to care for
  • Comes in two packs of leggings
  • Designed with a pull-on closure


  • Fun and easy to put together
  • Excellent quality and elasticity
  • Hold pretty well despite frequent wearing and washing
  • High-quality seams and comfy stretchable waist
  • Ideal to wear everywhere and anytime


  • Might be too skinny for girls with a healthy and athletic build

4. Simple Joys by Carter’s Girls’ 3-Pack Leggings

Simple Joys by Carter’s Girls’ 3-Pack Leggings
Simple Joys by Carter’s Girls’ 3-Pack Leggings

This slim legging offers sufficient comfort, thanks to its soft, stretchy, and breathable material. It’s easy to maintain and does not change its color despite multiple washes. It comes with a stretchy waistband and does not cause any skin irritation when worn.

Little girls won’t have a hard time slipping it on and off. The best thing about this legging is that it offers just enough stretch, making it all-around wear. It is unmatched in quality material, price, and excellent workmanship.

On the downside, some buyers asserted that this brand is way too small, so sizing up is advised. This legging fits okay in the waist, but some shoppers complained that it features an overly-tight ankle hole. To avoid such problems, we strongly suggest getting the bigger size.

Key Features:

  • 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • Minimum maintenance                                                        
  • Features comfortable and elastic waistband
  • Stretchy, comfy, and soft to the skin
  • Fade-proof and skin-friendly


  • Pretty effortless to slip on and off
  • An all-around wear for little girls
  • Offers just the right amount of stretch
  • A good value for the money
  • High-quality material and workmanship


  • Runs small with overly-tight ankle holes

5. The Children’s Place Baby Toddler Girls Leggings

The Children’s Place Baby Toddler Girls Leggings
The Children’s Place Baby Toddler Girls Leggings

This pair of skinny leggings is an excellent choice for slim toddlers, and it’s ready for sale in multipacks. It features a pull-on closure, is not demanding to care for, and is unparalleled in quality and design. The soft, elastic, and smooth material makes it one of the best choices available today.

Parents won’t have difficulty pairing this legging with any top or dress. While little girls mostly wear it, this item is gender-neutral. Toddlers can wear this legging at home, outdoors, or attending any occasion.

Luckily, this product comes in a budget-friendly price tag, so it doesn’t spoil any budget. Nonetheless, this legging appears to be more recommended for toddlers with an average height and slim waist. Hence, it’s uncomfortable to wear for chubby and big-sized female toddlers, so consider sizing up.

Key Features:

  • Features pull-on closure

  • Easy care instructions                                                     

  • Available in multipacks
  • Soft, elastic, and smooth material
  • Exceptional quality and design


  • True to size for slim toddlers
  • Easy to pair with any top and dresses
  • Recommended for toddler’s daily wear
  • Can be gender-neutral
  • Fits all types of budgets


  • Might be uncomfortably tight for bigger and plump toddlers

6. City Threads Girls’ Leggings in 100% Cotton for School Uniform or Play

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

This purely cotton slim legging is one of the best choices for smart parents. It features premium quality fabric, stitching, and craftsmanship. It’s a safe option as it’s free of any harmful dyes or chemicals, making it perfect for kids. Its covered waistbands aim to provide more support and coverage.

Its thickness is just right, not too warm, and not too cool to the skin. The material does not sag, ensures a comfy fit, and seems to last long despite multiple wear and washing. Since the quality is good, the fabric won’t easily get ripped, damaged, or fade. 

It’s a perfect legging for toddlers wherever they go and any time of the day. More importantly, it is skin-friendly; as a result, there are no skin irritations and itchiness to worry about. Unfortunately, this product is a bit costly compared to other available options.

Key Features:

  • 100% breathable and super-soft cotton material
  • Premium quality stitching                                                   
  • Does not contain harmful dyes or chemicals
  • Designed with covered waistbands
  • Perfect thickness


  • Ideal for ensuring sufficient coverage and additional comfort
  • Does not sag, offers a comfortable fit, and is long-lasting
  • Recommended to wear anytime and anywhere
  • Not prone to fading, holes, and rips
  • Won’t cause any skin irritations and itchiness


  • More expensive than other available options

7. French Toast Girls’ Solid Legging

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

This one is worth buying for parents looking for comfy kid’s leggings that look perfect under dresses and skirts. It features a pull-on closure and is designed with an ankle-length, ideal for little ones. Its elastic, soft, and wrinkle-free fabric gives it’s a well-polished look.

Likewise, this legging also features an adjustable waist, making it a more convenient option for fast-growing kids. The fabric is not too thin, providing the right amount of warmth and coverage. Surprisingly, it comes with a pocket-friendly price tag considering it is well-made and high quality.

Unlike other leggings that are sensitive to care for, this one is machine-washable. It can hold up well to multiple wears and washing and is ideal for daily wear. Be that as it may, some buyers complained that the size is larger than the standard sizes.

Key Features:

  • Encased elastic waistband
  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane                                                     
  • Ankle-length and pull-on closure
  • Wrinkle-free fabric
  • Machine-washable


  • Looks perfect under dresses and skirts
  • Super elastic, comfy, and soft to the skin
  • Designed with an adjustable waist
  • Well-constructed and high quality for the price
  • Not too thin and features perfect length


  • The size appears larger than standard sizes.

8. Adidas Girls’ Super Star Tight Legging

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

This good-looing legging by Adidas features angled lower leg seams with dazzle applied stripes and pull-on closure. What’s more, it comes with a detached waistband and features a perfect length for slim and slender toddlers. It displays a screen-printed Adidas brandmark on the left leg piecing.

When it comes to providing additional comfort, this legging is a go-to. Its glossy, sleek material feels so good to the skin. Unlike other tights, this item is true to size and made using high-quality material. Additionally, it holds up well despite multiple wear and washes.

For all that, some customers insisted that this tight doesn’t fit like fitted leggings as advertised. While its length is good, it looks baggy for some toddlers.

Key Features:

  • 91% polyester, 9% elastane
  • Designed with angled lower leg seams with dazzle applied stripes                                                      
  • Pull-on closure
  • Screen printed Adidas brandmark

  • Features a detached waistband


  • Provides much-needed comfort
  • Made with sleek glossy material
  • True to size
  • Holds up well to several wear and washes
  • Perfect length for slim and slender toddlers


  • Does not fit like fitted leggings

9. STRETCH IS COMFORT Oh So Soft Solid and Print Girl’s Leggings

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

This non-see-through, warm, soft, and silky legging is perfect for active little girls. It’s one of the best picks when it comes to ensuring ultimate comfort, warmth, and good stretch. Kids who are picky about clothes and dislike wearing compressing tights will love this item.

It features an elastic waistband for pull-on closure; hence, no worries about slipping down. This legging is perfect to wear daily under dresses, skirts, or base layers. Interestingly, the cute and stylish animal prints and vibrant colors are strangely adorable.

This lightweight and ankle-length legging is available in black and navy, making it ideal for wearing under-school uniform skirts. Meanwhile, some shoppers complained that they didn’t expect the leg is shorter than expected. To avoid this, be sure to check the size chart.

Key Features:

  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Non-see-through                                               
  • Elastic waistband for pull-on closure
  • Warm, soft, and silky material
  • Lightweight and ankle-length


  • Offers ultimate comfort, warmth, and stretch 
  • Soft and silky to touch
  • Not prone to slipping down
  • Recommended for daily wear and different occasions
  • Effortless to pair with other types of apparel


  • The legs are shorter than expected

10. Amazon Essentials Babies, Toddlers, and Girls’ Leggings Multipacks

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

This girl’s legging features a high-quality fabric that’s thick enough and non-see-through. Its quality, design, length, and colors are impressive, making it easier to pair with other outfits. To stay warm, little girls can have this legging as perfect wear during autumn or winter seasons.

To ensure a more secure fit, it also features an elastic waistband. It stretches excellently, and its soft and comfy material is a huge plus. It’s the best bang for the money because of its excellent fit and comfort.

This legging’s durable fabric can retain its shape despite frequent wear and washing. Nevertheless, it’s a must to carefully check the size chart and size up to get an accurate fit.

Key Features:

  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane
  • Nice patterns, soft and comfy material                                             
  • Elastic waistband for a more secure fit
  • Non-see-through design
  • Excellent stretch and long length


  • Premium quality, durable, and reasonably-priced option
  • Unrivaled in terms of excellent fit and comfort
  • High-quality fabric, adorable designs, and colors
  • Highly recommended for autumn or winter seasons
  • Retains its shape after frequent washing


  • The size chart seems a bit off.

11. Amazon Essentials Girls and Toddlers’ Full-Length Active Leggings Multipacks

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

Many kids like this legging because of its superelastic waistband that helps avoid unnecessary tightness. The fabric is impressive because it’s stretchy, breathable, and wick away moisture. This option is machine-washable, making it easy to care for and maintain.

This pair of legging will fit like a glove provided that you examine the size chart properly. Another advantage is that it doesn’t roll or slip down regardless of how active a child is. Buyers looking for a legging that’s ideal for dance classes; this is a must-try.

Kids will love it because it feels comfy, silky, and soft. It ensures good stretch and fit, making it favorite daily wear. On the other hand, some reviews claimed that the construction and stitching of this legging could be better.

Key Features:

  • 87% polyester, 13% elastane
  • Super elastic waistband                                       
  • Breathable, stretchable, sweat-wicking fabric
  • Machine-washable
  • Fits like a glove


  • Stays up regardless of activities or movements
  • Highly recommended for dance classes
  • Offers sufficient amount of stretch and excellent fit
  • Soft, silky, and comfy to wear
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Sub-par stitching and construction

12. BOOPH 4 Pairs Girls Leggings Pants Sock Set Footless Knits Tights Stockings

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

This legging is stylish, well-constructed, long and slim, and stretches well. It’s easy and comfy to wear so that little girls will look more adorable with it. The material is not too thick, doesn’t look baggy or bulky.

Moreover, it’s suitable to wear for all seasons, and the subtle pattern it features is eye-catching. The fabric is not prone to deforming quickly, which means it’s suitable for long-term use. It blends well with other clothing, and its color doesn’t fade after several washes.

This item is a warm and cozy option to consider for the price. It’s ideal for wearing inside the house or when going out. Please be guided that this legging is more of Asian size, so it’s best to size up when getting one.

Key Features:

  • Durable and long-lasting fabric
  • Suitable to wear for different seasons                       
  • Not super tight, baggy, or bulky
  • Good elasticity and stretch

  • Features subtle pattern


  • Easy to put on and match with other outfits
  • Does not quickly deform, and the color lasts long
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Stylish, well-constructed, and stretches well
  • Warm and cozy option to go for


  • Smaller than US size

13. The Children’s Place Girls’ Capri Leggings

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

This option is worth a shot for parents searching for perfect leggings for their big toddlers. It features mid-calf length and a covered elasticized waistband to offer utmost comfort. Shoppers can get this item at an affordable price and available in two packs.

Since it provides a good stretch, kids won’t find it stressful and uncomfortable to wear. It’s easy to mix and match with other clothing, and can be used for school, events, and other occasions. It’s not a hassle to care for, and washing it in a washing machine isn’t a problem.

Unfortunately, this legging seems more recommended for big toddlers. That said, it might look bulky and baggy if worn by tiny toddlers. Please make it a habit to refer to the size chart before buying one.

Key Features:

  • Features mid-calf length
  • 94% cotton, 6% spandex                           
  • Designed with covered stretchable waistband

  • Machine-washable
  • Comes in two packs


  • Good amount of stretch for utmost comfort
  • Guarantees no-fuss type of wear
  • Fun and easy to wear for little girls
  • Great for school, daily use, and other occasions
  • Provides exceptional fit for big toddlers


  • Might be baggy for tiny toddlers
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

This multiple-pack legging is a significant saving because you get five variations of 5 different combinations. It features a button closure and is designed with an ankle length. It’s a great pick for kids who prefer leggings that come with top-quality, soft, and stretchy fabric.

This item is ideal for wearing on different settings and events; this item is a versatile purchase worth considering. Buyers are provided with many colors to select from, and this legging is easy to wash and maintain. It does not cause any tightness on the waist, so comfort is guaranteed.

Notwithstanding, some customers complained that they didn’t expect the fabric to be thin, contrary to the product description. Luckily, it is not too thin to the point that it’s already see-through.

Key Features:

  • 95% cotton, 5% spandex

  • Ankle-length and features a button closure                                      
  • Comes in 5 packs and various colors
  • Easy care instructions
  • High-quality soft and stretchy material


  • Ideal to wear on all occasions
  • Not a hassle to wash and care for
  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Comfy, soft, and versatile option
  • Not too tight on the waist


  • Some reports claimed that the fabric is thinner than expected.

15. Stelle Girls Active Legging Athletic Dance Workout Running Yoga Pants

15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023
15 Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl In 2023

This non-see-through legging is a smart purchase because it cools the skin and wicks away sweat. Since it’s breathable, it’s ideal for wearing on active sports and activities and even all day. This legging features a four-way stretch fabric and a hidden rear pocket for storing small items.

Active kids who frequently attend special events and occasions will find this comfy wear. It features buttery-soft fabric that does not cause any discomfort and tightness. As a result, kids can freely perform their activities well without being conscious of their movements.

Meanwhile, this legging is a bit sensitive, so it’s best to handle it with proper care. As for the care instructions, wash this legging with like colors only. Do not iron, dry clean, or bleach it to ensure long-lasting use.

Key Features:

  • 75% nylon, 25% polyester
  • Sweat-wicking property                                           
  • Non-see-through design
  • Features four-way stretch fabric
  • Hidden pocket at the back


  • Versatile legging for different events and occasions
  • Breathable, wicks away moisture and cools the skin
  • Designed with a hidden rear pocket for storage
  • Buttery-soft material that’s comfy to wear all-day
  • Does not restrict movements


  • Requires gentle care instructions

Buying Guide For The Best Leggings For Tall Skinny Little Girl

A Little girl is wearing a legging in yoga class
A Little girl is wearing a legging in yoga class

When buying leggings for tall skinny petite girls, it’s essential to be picky about their material, quality, and performance. As you know, kids are active, so they need leggings that will perfectly fit their lifestyle.

Some of the factors you need to consider when buying the best leggings for tall skinny little girls include:

1. Size

Kids grow too fast, so you need to be meticulous when checking the size chart. We strongly suggest sizing up when buying a legging to ensure comfort, better fit, and freedom of movement.

Consider that your kid is still growing, so it’s not ideal for picking super skinny leggings. Your kids can use the leggings much longer if it’s appropriately sized.

2. Durability and performance

Toddlers and little girls are into active activities like sports, playing around, running, dancing, exercising, etc. Go for leggings with durable fabric that does not easily rip or deform and ensure longevity. Also, check the stitching and entire craftsmanship of the leggings.

3. Comfort and breathability

Since kids tend to be busy and move around all the time, leggings that provide maximum comfort are a plus. Pick leggings with elastic waistband, soft, comfy, and breathable fabric. Leggings that wick away sweat are also the best options.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the best leggings for tall skinny little girl can be overwhelming because of the countless options out there. But, you’ll be fine if you read product reviews and have sufficient knowledge of what features to look for.

Among the products we reviewed above, the City Threads Girls’ Leggings appear to be the best choice. Its premium quality fabric, superior stitching, and craftsmanship are unbeatable. It is free of any toxic dyes and chemicals, making it an ideal choice for kids and toddlers.

It’s durable, ensures comfort and excellent performance, and is skin-friendly. Yes, it’s a bit expensive; however, it’s jam-packed with many practical features.

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