15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

by Susan T.

Yoga pants nowadays are a terrific wardrobe style for women, whether working out or working from home because of the pandemic! The simplicity of yoga pants style today is impressive! But are yoga pants ideal for tall ladies? Let’s find out later!

The challenges of finding the best yoga pants for tall ladies make women with long legs quite frustrating. However, we got you covered! We have here 15 options that we run for reviews, so you narrow down your choice! 

Keep on reading, long-legged ladies!

Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies
Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies

Top 3 Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies – Reviews 2023

1. Yogipace 27”- 37″ Inseam, Petite/Regular/Tall, Women’s Boot cut Yoga Pants Long Workout Pants

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

Are you petite or tall? Don’t worry, you are covered anyway you go! Moreover, if you want yoga pants with a slight flare at cuffs, the Yogipace Boot cut Yoga Pants might interest you. These pants are also ideal for both petite and tall ladies because the inseam lengths are available from 27 to 37 inches.

The pants are 87% nylon and 13% spandex with a delightful feel, especially on the waist and legs. The Yogipace pants fabric has a moisture-wicking property that will keep you dry after prolonged use. 


  • There are available sizes for ladies 5’ to 6’ (or over) in height.
  • The product link has instructions on how to know the length of your inseam.
  • The yoga pants have reasonable prices.


  • As formal wear, pick the appropriate combination of top and shoes.

2. Homma Premium Thick High Waist Tummy Compression Slimming Leggings

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

One of the best workout leggings for tall women is the Homma Tummy Compression Slimming Leggings. The slimming active pant keeps you moving with ease and comfort while keeping cool, dry, and with a lighter feel.

The Homma Thick High-Waist Leggings also slim your tummy even without an immense workout. The slimming pants are 88% nylon and 12% spandex with breathable fabric. The high-rise waistband contours the body without much compression.


  • The high-waist yoga pants hug gently to the tummy with maximum support.
  • The yoga pants are ideal for wearing almost everywhere (like the gym, studio, etc.).
  • It has a 4-way stretch fabric for maximum mobility.


  • The lighter color, like mocha, is prone to camel toeing.

3. Fengbay 2-Pack High-Waist Yoga Pants, Pocket Yoga Pants Tummy Control

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

One of the most affordable women’s tall yoga pants is the Fengbay High-Waist Yoga Pants thatcome in two on a pack. That is a lot of savings for you! The pack comes in two colors (black and pink) both with three pockets.

The workout and running yoga pants have a 4-way stretch that gives you more freedom in movement. The yoga leggings have a gusseted crotch, so camel toeing is almost non-existent. The side pockets are perfect for essentials like a mobile phone or a purse.


  • The fabric is non-see-through, but breathable while you do yoga and other workouts.
  • It has two side pockets and one inner pocket for small essentials like keys, etc.
  • The flatlock seams give you flawless movement.


  • Only two colors are available.

4. Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Leggings Tummy Control Workout Running Yoga Pants

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

Dragon Fit makes yoga pants for tall women and they look stunning! Like the Dragon Fit High-Waist Yoga Leggings that provide lots of tummy control while you do exercises. The yoga pants come in more than 30 colors and designs, so you can pick the right one for your lifestyle!

But mind you, the Dragon Fit leggings are some of the most affordable brands in the market today. And the quality is unquestionable. The fabric is breathable, quick to dry, with enough stretch, and with interlocking features.


  • The leggings come in Capris and full-length styles.
  • The pants are 88% polyester and 12% spandex.
  • The yoga pants have three pockets (two side pockets and one hidden pocket).


  • The leggings are not ideal for butt lifting.

5. CompressionZ High-Waist Women’s Leggings – Compression Pants for Yoga

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

One of the best yoga pants for long legs is the CompressionZ High-Waist Women’s Leggings. More ladies recognized the versatility of these yoga pants and their high compressibility. The pants are ideal for running, gym, and other everyday fitness.

The high compression of the pants is because of the 27% spandex and 75% polyester materials. The leggings come in various styles and colors that will match your lifestyle.


  • The yoga pants are also ideal for cycling, intense workouts, and casual wear.
  • The leggings are chaff-free, breathable, and moisture-wicking.
  • The pants have non-see-through fabric.


  • The high stretch ability may not be comfortable for plus-size women.

6. VALANDY High-Waist Leggings for Women Stretch Tummy Control

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

Are you looking for yoga pants for everyday use? Why not try the cheaper ones but with quality that satisfies most women? We are talking about the Valandy High-Waist Leggings that come in single up to 5-pack-pants-in-one. Yet, they come in different styles and colors!

The Valandy Workout Running Yoga Pants are also available in regular and plus sizes. The leggings are 90% polyester and 10% spandex in full ankle length. The high-waist pants support your tummy while hugging them intimately.


  • The leggings have elastic pull-on closure.
  • The non-see-through fabric is ideal for use on any occasion.
  • All styles have dark colors to avoid camel toeing.


  • The black color is advised for plus-size women.

7. CAMPSNAIL 4-Pack High-Waist Leggings for Women Yoga Pants

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

More and more yoga pants are becoming affordable these days! Take a look at the CAMPSNAIL High-Waist Leggings, which come in a pack of four in different colors. The diverse colors will make your day wearing different styles at half the price of premium brands.

The Campsnail features soft tummy control slimming yoga pants that are best for a workout, running, and even casual wear. That is one of the beauties of these leggings! The leggings are available for regular and plus-size ladies.


  • The dark colors are ideal in camouflaging cellulite and fats.
  • The pants are 92% polyester and 8% spandex for a night-so-tight fit.
  • The high-rise waistband is 5.3 inches wide for full tummy support.


  • The Small-Medium is one size.

8. Nirlon Women’s Straight Leg Yoga Pants High-Waist Leggings

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

If you want straight-leg yoga pants, the Nirlon Yoga Pants might suit yourliking.Just like most yoga pants, the Nirlon is high-waist leggings with a wide waistband that avoids rolling down. The straight-cut legs are ideal for comfortable stretching during intense yoga workouts.

The style comes in various colors, but unlike other brands, the Nirlon leggings have different materials depending on the colors. The solid colors, like black, have 92% cotton and 8% spandex. The heather grey and charcoal have 30% cotton, 60% polyester, and 10% spandex.


  • The pull-on closure does not need a button or a cord.
  • The cotton leggings are not see-through.
  • These yoga pants are softer and more breathable than non-cotton fabrics.


  • The cotton fabric does not dry faster than polyester.

9. Safort 28″ 30″ 32″ 34″ Inseam Regular Tall Straight Leg Yoga Pants

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

If you want more pockets with a longer inseam for legging, you might be looking for the Safort Tall Straight Leg Yoga Pants. These workout pants have two front pockets and two back pockets. The non-see-through fabric is opaque that is denser and more elastic

The pants cover four inseam lengths in one (28” to 34”). You can wear them that long to cover your whole feet or cut them DIY according to your preference. The Safort leggings have 79.3% polyester and 20.7% spandex, so they are more compressive but softer than other pants.


  • The two front pockets are 6” wide and 6.1” deep for large-screen smartphones, etc.
  • The two back pockets are 4.7” wide and 4.7” deep for wallets, keys, etc.
  • The leggings are ideal for ladies 5’5” and above in height.


  • If you want to cut the pants, read the instructions in the link.

10. Yogipace Women’s 34″ High-Waist Goddess Extra Long Leggings

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

Do you prefer leggings with inseams that may run or scrunch up to your ankles? Well, the Yogipace Goddess Extra Long Leggings will do the trick. The Yogipace Goddess yoga over-the-heel leggings come in a fixed 34” inseam with choices for waistband or side pockets.

You could cut the excess cuff if you want to, but the style is perfect for barre workouts. However, if you do not want to cut the cuffs, you can fold them when used as casual wear.


  • The pants are not only for yoga but for Pilates, barre workouts, etc.
  • The full-length yoga pants fit ladies 5’5” tall and above.
  • The waistband is wide enough to tuck everything.


  • The leggings come in just four styles, but all have dark colors.

11. BALEAF Tall Women’s Goddess Long Yoga Pants

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

Another over the heel high-waist leggings is the BALEAF Goddess Long Yoga Pants. The Yogipace Goddess is totally different from the BALEAF Goddess long yoga pants in the sense that the latter has the materials for all styles.

The BALEAF Goddess has only two pockets, but deeper and longer, on both sides of the legs. The leggings have 87% nylon and 13% spandex. The pants come with a 34” inseam, which you can maintain to cover your ankles. If you want to cut the bottom, make sure that the length conforms to your taste.  


  • The high-waist legging is ideal for barre dance and other workouts.
  • The over-the-heel leggings will protect your ankles.
  • Also, the high-waist yoga pants will support and trim your tummy.


  • The style comes in just three colors, but all are dark.

12. FIRST WAY Women’s Extra Long Yoga Leggings High-Waist Stacked Leggings

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

Although a newbie in women’s fashion, the FIRST WAY brand is making a huge impact on leggings. Like the FIRST WAY Extra Long Yoga Leggings that tall ladies find more appropriate for barre workouts and sports activities. 

The stacked leggings are over-the-heel workout athletic pants that come with a longer inseam in pull-on closure. The fabric is 70% polyester and 30% spandex becoming the bounciest leggings in the market. The pants feature extra-long legs with a clumping stitch at the bottom.


  • The stretchy leggings have two side pockets for essentials.
  • Although the fabric is bouncier, it is breathable and moisture-wicking.
  • The crotch has a gusset for more protection on privates.


  • Hand washing is advisable on these leggings

13. Lululemon High Times Pant Full-on Luon 7/8 Yoga Pants

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

If you want a high-rise fit from Lululemon, the Lululemon High Times Full-on Luon Yoga Pants is one of those! The 7/8 length yoga pants are ideal for everyday wear and not just for workouts or yoga. The pants will look great in any shoes, sneakers, and even high heels.

The tight-fitting leggings provide one of the best body contouring in stretchy pants. The Luon fabric is 92% nylon and 8% Lycra with flat seams that hug your body flawlessly. The Luon fabric offers a 4-way stretch that keeps you moving freely.


  • The wide waistband lies flat and prevents chaffing.
  • The 7/8 length is ideal for running and biking.
  • The slimming pants are sweat-wicking, keeping you dry all day!


  • The pants have only one pocket on the waistband.


14. ODODOS Women’s High-Waist Yoga Leggings with Pockets, Tummy Control

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

The ODODOS High-Waist Yoga Leggings is one of the best-selling yoga pants on our list. Do you ever wonder why? The seams are quite similar to those Lululemon leggings, but the stretchy materials are different. These Ododos leggings have two different styles and materials depending on the colors. 

The dark colors have 76% polyester and 24% spandex. The light colors have 87% polyester and 13% spandex. The high-waist pants’ wide waistband sits higher than your navel giving full tummy support while you are jogging or biking.


  • The price is just a fraction of those leggings from Lululemon.
  • The pants have deep and wide pockets on each side of the leg.
  • The non-see-through pants are best for running and athletics.


  • Not ideal for lifting your booty.

15. BALEAF Women’s 20″ / 28″ High-Waist Yoga Leggings Workout Capri

15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023
15 Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies In 2023

Do you want more color options for a Capri legging? The BALEAF 20″ / 28″ High-Waist Yoga Leggings are a smart choice! The 20”- 28” high-waist yoga leggings are ideal for tall ladies that are always on the go! The leggings are also available for regular and plus-size women.

The BALEAF Capri has a wide elastic waistband that fully supports your tummy with maximum coverage. The non-see-through soft fabric has enough stretch to avoid constriction. The fabric is 87% nylon and 13% spandex. 


  • The tummy control pants also hide muffin tops.
  • The gusseted crotch maximizes movement and comfort.
  • The wide waistband will not dig into your tummy.


  • The pockets are for small essentials like keys or cards.

Best Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies – Buying Guide

The tall leggings for women with long legs should provide the needed support and comfort. Today, the majority of women around the world own at least a pair of leggings because the suit is becoming an everyday necessity.

Most yoga pants are nylon, polyester, and cotton. These materials are blended with spandex or Lycra (elastane) for the needed stretch. Look for the fabric with enough stretch that your body needs. 

Remember that the higher the percentage of elastane, the higher the stretchiness the pants will provide. The stretchy materials also reduce the muscle that you may feel during a workout. Look also for legging with pockets, so you could bring your mobile phone, keys, or cards when you are outdoors.

Consequently, high-waist leggings are more advisable for tall ladies. They provide ample support at the tummy to make you look sexier. The contoured fit of high-waist pants gives you an hourglass figure and makes you look more attractive. 

Factors To Consider When Buying Yoga Pants For Tall Ladies

1. Degree of flattering

Once you decide to wear leggings, make sure that you feel good about it. An outfit makes more flattering when it enhances your figure without pain and discomfort. For tall ladies, ensure that the leggings you wear strengthen your height to a certain degree, like intensifying your hourglass contour.

2. Material

Some of the best traits to consider when looking for the right materials for leggings are opacity, breathability, and wicking. The degree of the stretchiness of the material also counts. The opacity is the condition of the fabric being non-translucent or non-see-through. 

The more breathable the fabric the more it avoids bacterial build-up. Also, the 4-way stretch of the fabric plays a vital role in more freedom of movement

3. Fit & Rise

The high-rise yoga pants are more recommendable for tall girls. It is because a higher rise waistband prevents frequent adjustment when you move heavily during a workout.

How To Choose The Perfect Yoga Pants

In choosing the right yoga pants, you may consider the bottom style, length, and compression, aside from the characteristics above. These traits are all personal preferences when buying yoga pants. However, pick the one with a gusset on the crotch area, which will lessen the pressure on this part of the body.

You can choose among loose (flare), over-the-heel, boot cut, or straight leg bottoms. Find the one that best fits your taste. Moreover, you can pick either full-length, Capri, and 7/8 pants or the combinations of one or two. Finally, choose the perfect compression you need depending on your body size.

What To Avoid When Buying Yoga Pants

If you decide to buy yoga pants, avoid buying leggings that are too thin and see-through. Some other things to avoid when shopping for yoga pants: do not pick the one with a zipper!

What Tall Person Yoga Pants Do You Wear?

Taller women should wear high-waist yoga pants. It is because most tall ladies have a longer torso. Wearing high-waist leggings will provide better coverage on the tummy. However, if you have something to say about what suits you best, please share with us your comments below. 


1. Which material is best for yoga pants?

The best materials for yoga pants depend upon your preference. However, your choice will hang on to your preferred activity where you will use the pants. Some of the options are nylon, cotton, and polyester. These materials blend with Rayon, Spandex, or Lycra for stretchability. 

Nylon and polyester are more breathable, odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, durable, and non-see-through. The cotton fabric is soft and gentle to the skin but not as fast-drying as nylon and polyester. The cotton fabric also becomes translucent (see-through) after prolonged use. 

Moreover, the best fabric for one may not be suitable for others. The choice boils down to what sort of task you prefer the yoga pants to use.

2. What makes good yoga pants?

Yoga pants with moisture-wicking properties and high-waist are the best for tall ladies. The high-waist structure is better for relax and intense workouts because it keeps the pants intact with your tummy. Also, pick the yoga pants with a wide waistband.

3. How much spandex should be in yoga pants?

More activewear may contain 60% elastane fabric, but most yoga pants and leggings have 8 to 15% spandex. In the lower range, some brands may contain 8-10% spandex.  

4. Why do ladies wear yoga pants?

Aside from wearing yoga pants when doing yoga, some ladies tend to wear them almost every day. The pants stretch well and are snug to the body that makes them more comfortable wearing. 

The stretchy yoga pants fit the shape of the body, especially the butt. The fit makes every lady of any shape and size feel more confident in seeing the contour of their bodies.

5. What brand of yoga pants do celebrities wear?

Meghan Markle is always wearing Lululemon Align Pant. Jennifer Lopez’s favorite is the KORAL Lustrous High Rise Legging. Gigi Hadid, Sandra Bullock, and Sophie Turner prefer the Alo Yoga Airbrush Legging.

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Now you know that there are plenty of options in choosing the best yoga pants for tall ladies. But there is one, two, or three that will satisfy your preferences. 

For us, a premium brand like Lululemon High Times Pant Luon 7/8 Yoga Pants makes a lot of difference. However, if you prefer more affordable brands: the Yogipace Boot cut Yoga Pants, and ODODOS Non-See-Through Athletic Running Yoga Pants, are some of the best alternatives!

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