11 Best Yoga Pants For Work In 2022

Wearing the best yoga pants for work can undoubtedly provide you with maximum comfort. They allow you to move without any restrictions, regardless of the activities you have for the day. More importantly, yoga work pants are easy to match with other outfits to enhance your fashion style.

Several brands sell yoga leggings nowadays, which can make the selection process a bit tricky. So, before buying one, there are some vital factors you need to take in mind. We strongly recommend checking various options so that you can make an intelligent final buying decision.

We understand that having lots of options can be overwhelming at times. Hence, we’d like to assist you in choosing the suitable item for you. Let’s compare the ten yoga pants below and see which of them can perfectly match your requirements.

1. HUE Women’s Cotton Ultra Legging with Wide Waistband#1 – Editor’s ChoiceCotton, Rayon, Lycra Spandex
2. IUGA Bootcut Yoga Pants with Pockets for Women#2Polyester, Spandex
3. Safort 28″ 30″ 32″ 34″ Inseam Regular Tall Bootcut Yoga Pants#3Polyester, Spandex

11 Best Yoga Pants For Work – Top Reviews 2022

1. IUGA Bootcut Yoga Pants with Pockets for Women

For buyers looking for incredibly soft and comfy yoga pants, this item is a must-try. It features a durable fabric that retains its shape, and it’s pretty easy to care for. It’s easy to wash and dry quickly; hence, it’s not difficult to maintain at all.

This option is famous for providing a comfortable fit on the hips, midsection, and legs. For those who are having problems with their tummy, this yoga legging can control tummy bulges.  It does a great job of flattering every body shape and type.

Many women who have used this pair of yoga pants find the four-pockets design convenient. It features a non-see-through design and is easy to match with any top. It allows users to store some essential items in their pockets, which is helpful at work. 

This pair of yoga pants is ideal for office purposes, when running errands, and other leisure. Luckily, it is not super expensive, which means it won’t spoil any budget. On the cons, it does not come with a gusset, which slightly disappoints other buyers.

  • Features comfy, durable, easy to care for, and soft fabric
  • Helps flatter every body shape and type
  • Designed with four pockets, non-see-through, and ensures a comfortable fit
  • Ideal to use for work, running errands, and other leisure
  • Not so expensive as other similar options
  • Not designed with a gusset

2. Safort 28″ 30″ 32″ 34″ Inseam Regular Tall Bootcut Yoga Pants

For those planning to purchase work yoga pants with pockets, this option features four pockets for more convenience. These pockets help store small items like cellphones, pens, notes, etc. Indeed, it’s an excellent choice for women who prefer a non-see-through design that features more elastic and dense fabric material.

It snugs perfectly on the thighs and midsection and helps hide tummy bulges, giving users a more enhanced look. In the same way, the stretchy and smooth-to-touch feel makes it ideal for long-day wear at work. It looks formal and classy when paired with any preferred top.

Unquestionably, office women who want to ensure more comfort while multitasking will find it a great outfit. This pair of yoga pants is also comfortable and suitable to wear for other activities.

On the other hand, short women might need to consider some size alterations to get the precise length. Fortunately, the length is effortless to adjust and does not require hemming. All you need to do is to cut the excess part carefully to tailor the inseam length.

  • Designed with non-see-through, more elastic, and dense fabric material
  • Features four pockets and easy-to-adjust length with no hemming required
  • Snugs perfectly on the thighs and midsection
  • Stretchy, smooth to touch, and ideal for different activities
  • Helps hide tummy bulge
  • Might require size alterations for short women

3. HUE Women’s Cotton Ultra Legging with Wide Waistband

This legging is unmatched in providing superb fit and works like a charm in minimizing tummy bulge. The fabric is thick enough, so it features a non-see-through design. Shoppers out there can select from seven different colors available and a broad array of sizes.

This item is a perfect match for those who opt for stretchy and stylish yoga pants with an elastic closure. Aside from these, it features a wide compression waistband, breathable and comfortable fabric that allows freedom of movement. It helps users look classy and formal in the workplace and goes well with any chosen tops.

This pair of leggings hugs body curves perfectly and does not allow knee sagging issues. Wearing this one can ditch away “rolling down” worries for many active women at work. As for flexibility and versatility, this option is one of the best.

On the downside, while it’s machine-washable, this item seems not ideal for drying in the dryer. There have been reports that the material shrinks a bit if dried in a dryer.

  • Provides superb fit, helps reduce tummy bulge, and non-see-through design
  • Available in 7 different colors and extensive range of sizes
  • Features a wide compression waistband, breathable and comfortable material
  • Designed with elastic closure, stretchy, and stylish look
  • Hugs body curves perfectly and no knee sagging
  • Not advisable to dry in a dryer

4. CRZ YOGA Women’s Stretch Lounge Sweatpants

Wearing the best yoga pants for working makes women look trendy, casual, and cool. This option is perfect to wear not only at work but for other occasions too. Such a pair of mid-rise casual pants with an elastic waist and drawstring offers comfortable and excellent coverage.

Not to mention, it is ideal for wearing all day, when traveling or doing other tasks. It comes with side pockets helpful in keeping some essentials while on the go or working in the office. The pockets are stylish and enough to store keys, wallet, cellphone, etc.

The stretchy, wrinkle-free, and the buttery-soft fabric feels sleek and relaxing to touch. The material is lightweight and features a four-way stretch design. Many shoppers love the 30% Spandex and 70% polyamide material content of the fabric.

This pair of yoga dress pants is easy to wash and maintain. Regardless, some customers claimed that it’s a bit tight on the waist. Due to this, it’s best to check the size carefully and consider sizing up when buying one.

  • Ideal to wear at the workplace, and other occasions
  • Lightweight, comfy, and does not restrict movements
  • Manufactured using wrinkle-free and buttery soft fabric
  • Sleek to touch and designed with four-way stretch fabric
  • Comes with side pockets for more convenience
  • Might be a bit tight on the waist for some women

5. Daily Ritual Women’s Ponte Knit Legging

This item can serve as smart casual office wear, which is also perfect for night-outs. It’s reliable in ensuring a secure fit on the legs, thighs, and hips, so there’s no discomfort at all. Users can safely wash it in the washing machine, and it’ll remain durable.

Many buyers are amazed by this legging’s sleek and soft double-knit Ponte fabric. It features a pull-on closure and guarantees a comfortable stretch without restricting any movements. The fabric material is thick enough, so this pair of yoga pants is not transparent like regular ones.

Furthermore, it’s sturdy enough for squatting and bending. The waistband is sleek yet stretchable, and it’s approximately two and a half inches wide. It gives users the feeling of comfort, just like when wearing leggings, but it looks dressy and classy.

The slightly inaccurate sizing of this pair of dress pants is the potential setback users might encounter. So, we strongly suggest to shoppers to measure their size first and review the sizing chart. This way, users can select the size that is close or precise to their requirements and preference.

  • Ensures a secure fit on the legs, thighs, and hips
  • Machine-washable, features a pull-on closure, and comfortable stretch
  • Durable, non-see-through design, and allows more mobility
  • Designed with sleek and soft double-knit Ponte fabric
  • Can serve as smart casual office wear and is ideal for night-outs
  • Slightly inaccurate size

6. Daily Ritual Women’s Seamed Front Knit Legging

This brand is known for its simplicity; it looks classy and stylish when worn. It is dependable in providing a secure and snug fit on the legs, thighs, and hips. Buyers can pick from regular, short, and tall inseam lengths to get the appropriate fit.

In addition, the fabric material of this legging is A1. It features 5% elastane, 27% nylon, and 68% viscose materials. Such materials help make this pair of yoga pants sleek, soft, stretchy, and comfy to wear.

This legging offers maximum comfort like yoga leggings, but it looks like actual working pants. The waist sits high enough, so it can inhibit pulling down issues each time users bend down. Interestingly, it has two front hand pockets that let users store some small essentials while at work.

Nevertheless, some customers have reported that this pair of yoga pants is a little too tight on the midsection. As a result, sitting for an extended time might be a bit uncomfortable, particularly for women with bloated tummies.

  • Provides secure and snug fit on the legs, thighs, and hips
  • Available in regular, short, and tall inseam lengths
  • Manufactured using 5% elastane, 27% nylon, and 68% viscose materials
  • Designed with dual front hand pockets
  • Guarantees sleek, soft, and comfy stretch
  • A little too tight on the midsection

7. Haining Women’s High Waisted Boot Cut Yoga Pants

Women certainly prefer work leggings that can help them feel more comfortable and relaxed while working. This item can offer those requirements since it is breathable, moisture-wicking, cool, and made using buttery-soft fabric. It’s a practical choice because it is also suitable to wear on different occasions and seasons.

This yoga pants for work is easy to care for, machine and hand-washable, and dries quickly. It is skin-friendly, and unlike other regular leggings, it is not prone to fading. The high waistband design significantly helps reduce tummy bulge and avoid a muffin top look.

Such a work legging allows users to move freely and comfortably as it features a four-way stretch design. Since it’s crafted using premium quality fabric material, it’s non-see-through and durable enough for long-lasting use. It has two rear pockets and two deep front pockets that let users store some important stuff.

On the flip side, some buyers asserted that this legging is not true to size as it runs small. Thus, shoppers may consider sizing up when buying this item.

  • Breathable, moisture-wicking, and suitable for all seasons
  • Machine or hand washable, dries fast, and not prone to fading
  • Comfy, cool, and buttery-soft fabric material
  • Manufactured with high waistband feature and skin-friendly
  • Does not restrict movements, 4-way stretch, and non-see-through design
  • Some buyers complained that this legging runs small.

8. Calvin Klein Women’s Power Stretch Legging with Waistband

This brand is famous for its timeless and classy style of leggings. The waistband is wide and offers a stretchy and comfy feel, and the waist is cut high. It features quality stitches down the middle of the front section, making the legging look more stylish and appealing.

As for the length, it’s suitable enough for any user’s height as it falls just above the ankles. This pair of work yoga pants features a pull-on closure and provides the additional comfort required. It’s manufactured using 4% spandex, 27% nylon, and 69% rayon, making it sturdy and unrestrictive.

The delightful news is that this legging is easy to match with any preferred tops or outfits. This item is also suitable to wear at different events or settings, making it a practical option. The overall construction of this pair of work yoga pants is well-made.

However, this legging is not machine-washable. For this reason, users need to handle it with extra care to extend its longevity and performance.

  • Features a pull-on closure, timeless and classy style, and design
  • Crafted using 4% spandex, 27% nylon, and 69% rayon
  • Provides stretchy and comfy feeling whenever worn
  • Allows freedom of movement, perfect length, and features a wide waistband
  • Can match any preferred tops or work outfits
  • Not designed as machine-washable

9. Marycrafts Yoga Dress Business Work Pants

Women planning to buy yoga dress pants will find this item a great catch. It features stretchable, sturdy, soft, and comfy fabric material.  Regardless of the size required, shoppers can find the right fit since it’s available in several sizes.

It’s a go-to for those who like work pants designed with belt loops, slim fit, pull-on, and elastic waistline. It’s easy to dress up and dress down with it, and it’s perfect for various occasions and outfits. It does an excellent job of creating stylish, tailored silhouettes for women.

This basic piece comes with a simple design, yet it looks classy when worn. Best of all, it creates a professional look for dress pants. Nevertheless, according to some customer reviews, it might not be the best option for flattering tummies.

  • Stretchable, sturdy, soft, and comfy fabric material
  • Offers an extensive range of sizes
  • Designed with belt loops, slim fit, with pull-on and elastic waistline
  • Machine washable and ideal for any occasion and outfit
  • Helps create a stylish tailored silhouette
  • Might not be the best for flattering tummies

10. DISHANG Women’s Yoga Dress Pants

Dress yoga pants that are breathable, comfy, and stretchy to wear are ideal to use at work. In particular, this item is recommended for different styles and occasions, making it a versatile option. Buyers can use it as loungewear, sportswear, or dress pants for work.

For women who would like to make their legs appear slimmer and taller, this legging is worth a try. It features durable materials that can easily complement and match various outfit styles. The prominent features of this work legging include its enhanced crotch cloth, sleek and flat waistband.

Users will undoubtedly find the soft organic fabric soft and sleek to touch, preventing any discomfort. It provides a slimming silhouette effect and comes with two side pockets and two convenient rear pockets.

This pair of work pants is excellent in hiding imperfections, giving users more confidence while wearing it. Additionally, it helps hide tummy bulge that makes users feel sexier and more attractive. This item is also one of the most affordable options available today.

  • Recommended for loungewear, sportswear, or dress pants for work
  • Makes legs appear slimmer and taller
  • Durable materials that complement various outfits for different occasions
  • Enhanced crotch cloth, sleek and flat waistband, and soft organic fabric
  • Stretchy, breathable and comfy and provides a slimming silhouette
  • None so far

11. Liverpool Jeans Company Women’s Petite Reese Pull-On Ankle Legging

This pull-on ankle legging is an excellent option for women who wish to get a slimming look and perfect silhouette. This item contains 11% spandex, 35% nylon, and 54% rayon, making it stretchy and comfy. It also features a high rise design, elastic waistband, and perfectly fits different body shapes.

This legging is excellent as all-day wear at work or on any occasion since it doesn’t limit movements. It’s not high maintenance and is designed as machine-washable with a pull-on closure. Wearing this work legging creates a desirable shape and it’s easy to match with any color and top design.

Unlike other regular yoga pants, this option is not prone to twisting and bunching. More importantly, it helps make legs appear slimmer regardless of the user’s shape and size. Its design is pretty simple yet timeless, so it does not run out of style.

For all that, some customer reviews were claiming that panty lines were visible on this work legging. Users might consider wearing seamless underwear to avoid this issue.

  • Features high-rise design, slimming look effect, and excellent silhouette
  • Allows more mobility, comfy, and stretchable to wear
  • Made using 11% spandex, 35% nylon, and 54% rayon
  • Machine-washable and comes with a pull-on closure
  • Designed with elastic waistband and it fits the body shape
  • Some customers claimed that panty lines were visible on this legging.

Shopping Tips For The Best Yoga Pants for Work  

Shoppers can select from the best yoga pants available on the market at present. Nonetheless, focusing on its design is not the only thing that matters in the end. It’s critical to uncover the valuable factors that make the best yoga pants for work.

Choose yoga pants that are comfortable, non-restrictive, moisture-wicking, and breathable.  With variations in fit, cut, fabric, and length, it’s easier to look for a suitable pair for your requirements.

Here are some essential features you need to search for when buying dress up yoga pants for work:

1. Breathability

At work, you also sweat a lot, considering you wear yoga pants the whole day. That said, it’s essential to look for a fabric material that can move sweat away from the skin.

Go for fabrics that let moisture evaporate, or what we call moisture-wicking properties. Options that have a blend of synthetic fabrics are ideal options to consider.

Be reminded that yoga pants that are purposely for office wear must be made with thicker fabrics. Essentially, they have to look formal and not see-through.

2. Comfort

We have different definitions of what comfort is. Some of us prefer high-waist yoga pants or something that offers complete coverage at the midsection or legs.

Hence, we strongly suggest trying on different pairs to see if it offers the comfort you need or prefer. Check if the item does not have crotches that sag or comes with seams that can cause itchiness.

It’s also critical to check the waistband if it’s not too tight for you. Moreover, get yoga pants that feature a neater finish and smoother construction.

3. Fit

Check if the yoga pants align well with your curves and fit around your midsection. As for the length, this usually depends on your preference. Consider your height, weight, and physique, and don’t merely rely on the size chart.

Likewise, consider the usual movements you do at work when determining the perfect fit for your yoga pants. Keep in mind that perfectly-fitted yoga pants will allow you to move freely and with more confidence.

Final Thoughts

Unquestionably, wearing breathable, comfortable, and stretchy yoga pants for work can offer you the best comfort. They are easy to match with your favorite tops and enable you to move smoothly and freely.

However, the best yoga pants for work are prevalent nowadays, making the selection process daunting.

The HUE Women’s Cotton Ultra Legging appears to be the best pick among the products reviewed above. It’s unrivaled in ensuring excellent fit, helps minimize tummy bulge and features a non-see-through design.

Ultimately, it hugs body curves, comes with a wide compression waistband, and prevents knee sagging concerns. It’s available in different colors and sizes and guarantees ultimate comfort and a stretchy feel.

Since yoga pants are manufactured with different features and characteristics, you have to be meticulous when picking one. It’s vital to select the one that precisely suits your preference, size, and needs.

It’s helpful to compare some product reviews from multiple sources to learn more about the product. By checking the advantages and disadvantages of each option, you can decide more wisely.

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