How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat Like An Expert – A Quick Guide

by Susan T.

Nothing is more repulsive than rolling out your yoga mat and discovering thick layers of grime or smelling days-old sweat. But, that certainly will not motivate you to be zen under any condition!

Be it your regular exercise mat or a high-quality jade yoga mat, cleaning is a must to keep all the junk off your mat and promote a healthy exercise regime. If you can’t recall when you last washed your jade yoga mat or are confused about where to start with this dreading task, this guide to cleaning your jade yoga mat is what you need. So fetch your cleaning supplies and keep on reading!

How To Clean Your Jade Yoga Mat
How To Clean Your Jade Yoga Mat

The Need Of Cleaning Jade Yoga Mat

Best Cork Yoga Mats
Best Cork Yoga Mats

Jade mats may have many benefits, but they can quickly soak up all the dirt, oil, and sweat that comes into its contact. By the end of a hectic yoga class or a particularly active vinyasa session, they are sure to end up immersed in dirt, germs, and stench. Other contaminating elements may include:

1. Moisture

It would not be wrong to deem moisture the most destructive jade mat enemy that manages to keep appearing with time. Therefore, it is crucial to remain protected from it, and the only way to do so is by patting the mat clean with a microfiber towel or, even better, washing it.

2. Dust

Dust adheres to the mat due to its standing uncovered in different weather ailments. Therefore, it is vital to clear your mat from soot and dust periodically to ascertain the health and hygiene of the yogi.

3. Dirt

Over time, your yoga mat can absorb dirt and other floor filth, blackening the mat and harbouring foul smell.

4. Smell

All the pollutants housed in the mat can make it stink over time, which can undoubtedly be a turn-off to your yoga’s morale.

5. Spots

As a consequence of using the mat repeatedly, spotting and smudging may occur. Therefore, it is essential to wipe it out and keep the mat in its pristine condition.

How Frequently You Need To Clean Your Jade Yoga Mat?

We recommend wiping your jade yoga mat with a ready-made yoga mat cleaner or a homemade cleaner spray for a few minutes after every practice session. And to give your mat an intense cleaning treatment, at least once a month, to get rid of all the unnecessary build-up. All the details are covered below.

Different Ways Of Cleaning The Jade Yoga Mat

Doing yoga on Jade yoga mat
Doing yoga on Jade yoga mat

There are multiple ways to make your jade mat neat and squeaky. Among them are:

Regular Cleaning Or Light Cleaning

Regular cleaning or cleaning your mat every alternate day can be beneficial in the long term by resulting in fewer tiring, everlasting deep cleaning sessions. These are some roads you can take for hassle-free everyday cleaning of the jade yoga mat.

1. Cleaning with a damp cloth

Using a smooth, damp cloth to wipe muck or sweat off and lend your mat a light cleaning is the most straightforward and most effortless process. Wipe the fabric on both sides softly, pat it dry using a clean towel, and finish it by air-drying.

One can also employ rubbing alcohol to clean their mat thoroughly, but it is necessary to take caution in protecting the skin from coming in contact with alcohol. After wiping the excess alcohol off with a clean towel, it is favourable to air-dry the mat.

2. Cleaning with the Plant-based Jade Mat Wash Spray

Jade Yoga Mat Wash is the new hype among the yogis for all the right reasons. This Mat Wash is made of eco-friendly plant-based ingredients that clean the mat without eroding its natural rubber interior and thus maintain the jade mat’s longevity. Not to mention its refreshing scent that leaves the mat smelling garden-fresh.

Spray the mat with Jade Mat Wash according to your need and wipe it down with a neat cloth. Leave the mat unrolled and allow it to dry in a setting that is free from sunlight.

Deep Cleaning

Jade Mats are well-known because of their remarkable durability. They are tough and remain as good as new for years. But with that being said, they are not resistant to wear and tear and have to be treated cautiously during these deep cleaning procedures.

1. Cleaning with soap

The ideal way of deep cleaning your mat is to toss it in a bathtub filled with warm water and a tiny amount (one tablespoon is enough) of dish or Castile soap. This can cause the mat to spread out and get comfy. Now, while the mat is drowned in water, use a sponge to give it an excellent brief scrubbing and allow it to soak for at least ten minutes. The soaking time may vary depending on the spoilage of the mat. Next, drain the soapy solution and wash the mat with clean water to remove the soapy residue. Like the former methods, do not dry your mat using heat or direct sunlight, as it will tarnish the biodegradable rubber and compromise the mat’s quality.

No need to worry if you don’t possess a bathtub. Washing your mat using the gentle cycle on your washing machine will perform the trick. However, if you have a top-loading machine with a central agitator, refrain from this step since the fins of the rotator can tear and shred your mat into pieces.

How To Dry And Store Your Jade Yoga Mat?

It is significant to dry your mat entirely before storing it away because a damp mat can be a favorable habitat for bacteria to grow and multiply. Therefore, thoroughly dry your mat by slinging it over a railing or on a chair’s backseat. Never use a dryer to dry your mat unless you are willing to bid it goodbye. Once entirely dried, roll up your mat and store it in a well-aerated area.

If your yoga mat has started sticking to your clothes or leaving its shreds everywhere, it is time to get your hands on a new one.

Things To Keep In Mind When Cleaning The Jade Yoga Mat

Preparing cleaning Jade yoga mat
Preparing cleaning Jade yoga mat
  • Shield your jade mat from direct sunlight, as it can cause the mat to become brittle and the color to fade away.
  • Prevent employing harsh solutions and cleaners. For rubber products, omit substances that include essential oils.
  • Let the mat dry thoroughly before its storage.
  • Do not wear lotions, oils, or creams during your stretches, as they may leave an imprint on the mat.
  • Avoid storing your yoga mat in highly humid and soggy areas like the washroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does a Jade Yoga Mat last?

The lifespan of a jade mat heavily relies on how frequent you use it and its sheltering conditions. In general, you can anticipate a jade yoga mat to survive between one and two years.

2. How do you air out a jade yoga mat?

The best way to air a jade yoga mat out is to do it in a sufficiently open area – possibly under a fan – anything rather than the direct sunlight.

3. How to take care of Jade Yoga Mat?

Religiously wash your jade mat after each workout to eliminate grime and germs. Then, use gentle soap and lukewarm water once or twice a month for a more intense cleanup.

4. Can you wash Jade in the bath?

You can soak and tidy your jade mat in a bath filled with water and laundry detergent or dish soap. Many people also use the ancestral combination of water and white vinegar (150mL) to clean their mat.

5. Can you wash Jade in the washing machine?

We disapprove of washing your mat in a washing machine since it may result in staining, shredding, and increased susceptibility of the mat to pathogens and allergens.


Apart from the many health benefits yoga mats offer, they also play a substantial role in our mental well-being. You would be surprised to see the correlation between using a fresh and clean yoga mat on your workout.

Following this, your Jade Yoga Mat should be upheld with utmost care. You must scour it every other day to protect it from germs and other conceivable impurities that may pile up over time and may cause the covering to erode. Regular cleaning will also assist the mat in lasting longer.

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