Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

by Susan T.

Are you practicing yoga and wondering about the best yoga tops to get? Most of us practice yoga because we want to develop balance and attain inner peace. However, before achieving all these, we need to invest in some good yoga stuff.

Buying suitable yoga shirts is critical because they can help us feel comfortable and confident. But, with lots of available options these days, picking the right one can be tricky.

Undeniably, the challenge becomes even more difficult when you’re clueless about the must-have features. Are you confused about the most suitable option for your body type and yoga styles? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you find the best option for you.

We’ve listed some of the top choices among yogis; so, please keep reading!

Best Yoga Tops
Best Yoga Tops

Top 3 Yoga Tops

1. SEASUM Longline Sports Bra Seamless Yoga Crop Top #1 – Editor’s Choice Polyester, Spandex
2. Neleus 3 Pack Compression Base Layer Dry Fit Tank Top #2 Polyester, Spandex
3. Mippo Workout Tops Yoga Tank Tops Gym Shirts Workout Clothes #3 Modal, Spandex

15 Best Yoga Tops – Top Reviews 2023

1. Neleus 3 Pack Compression Base Layer Dry Fit Tank Top

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This workout top can be every woman’s go-to as it’s comfortable to wear in different indoor and outdoor activities. It’s breathable, feels soft to the skin, can wick away sweat, and keeps you dry regardless of your movements.

It also fits well and ensures a more flattering look when worn. On the cons, for those looking for maximum compression, this item might not be the best choice.

Key Features:

  • 85% polyester, 15% spandex
  • Sweat-wicking, breathable, and soft fabric
  • Features a pull-on closure
  • Ensures a good fit
  • Provides a flattering look


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Does not limit movements
  • Practical for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Easy to care
  • Keeps you dry and comfy during performances


  • Does not provide compressive support

2. Mippo Workout Tops Yoga Tank Tops Gym Shirts Workout Clothes

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This stylish, soft, and sporty top is unmatched in ensuring comfy, stretchy, and airy feels during workouts. It’s easy to adjust to make it fitted or non-fitted. It’s a nice top for women with active lifestyles, ideal for daily wear.

The non-see-through design is a huge plus, and it doesn’t ride up when performing floor workouts. It features a sexy-look design and excels at providing maximum comfort and support. Nonetheless, consider sizing up when placing orders.

Key Features:

  • Can be fitted or non-fitted
  • Tieback, high neck, and vented back design
  • 95% modal, 5% spandex
  • Top-quality, comfy, and soft material
  • Machine-washable with pull-on closure


  • Stretchy, comfy and airy feels
  • Ideal for active lifestyles and daily wear
  • Provides maximum comfort and support
  • Doesn’t ride up when executing floor workouts
  • Features a non-see-through design


  • Might require sizing up

3. Mippo Workout Tops Yoga Athletic Shirts Running Tank Tops Gym Workout Clothes

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This is an excellent option for athletic women searching for sexier, comfy, soft, and lightweight activewear designs. This stretchy workout top is ideal for various sports, active lifestyles, and daily errands. It’s effortless to mix and match other outfits, giving users a more elegant look.

This activewear allows more freedom of movement, making every yoga and workout session truly enjoyable. However, it appears a bit long for short women.

Key Features:

  • 95% modal, 5% spandex
  • Backdropped hem design
  • Cool, soft, and comfy fabric
  • Round neck and cross racerback design
  • Machine washable


  • Recommended for different sports, workouts, yoga, and daily activities
  • Allows a full range of motion
  • Easy to mix and match with other clothing
  • Lightweight, smooth, and stretchy material
  • Ensures sexier, lovelier, and more elegant look


  • A bit long for short women

4. ICTIVE Workout Tops Loose-fit Racerback Tank Tops

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This mesh tank top features a super sexy style, and it’s a perfect choice for diverse activities. It’s skin-friendly, dries quickly, and wicks away moisture, making it perfect for yoga and workouts. The sleeveless design provides an airy and cool feeling, keeping users fresh and comfortable during workout or yoga sessions.

This breathable top is unrivaled in hiding body parts that must be concealed. It’s the best bang for the money because it’s a versatile option for athletic women out there. On the downside, it’s quite big in fit.

Key Features:

  • Mesh-stitching construction
  • Scoop neck, backdropped hem, and backless design
  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Quick-drying, sweat-wicking, skin-friendly fabric
  • Keeps air flowing for a cool feeling


  • Helps users look sexier, hotter, and charming
  • Provides much-needed comfort
  • Lightweight, breathable, stretchy, and soft material
  • Best for athletic lifestyles, daily wear, and workout trainings
  • Hides body parts that need to remain hidden


  • Runs slightly big

5. Aeuui Workout Tops for Women

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This activewear is perfect for athletic women, sports enthusiasts, and those into yoga. Its loose-fit design allows more comfort and freedom when running, working out, executing poses, and jumping. It’s great for hiding bulging tummies and excess body fats.

Moreover, it remains in place, so users don’t need to be troubled about making frequent adjustments. It’s soft, comfy, and breathable; however, it seems not ideal for tall and busty women.

Key Features:

  • Polyester, spandex, mesh material
  • Pull-on closure
  • Moisture-wicking, easy to care, and fast-drying fabric
  • Comfortable cut
  • Hides bulging tummies and excess fats


  • Highly recommended for sports, athletic activities, and workouts
  • Stays in place during active performances
  • Breathable, soft, and comfy
  • Promotes more refreshing movements
  • Loose design for additional comfort


  • Might not be ideal for tall and busty women

6. SEASUM Longline Sports Bra Seamless Yoga Crop Top

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This non-see-through yoga top is a famous option because of its incredible, flexible, and versatile features. It looks sexier and more attractive with any yoga pants and is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.

Its best features include its sweat-wicking ability and excellence in ensuring ventilation. It’s visually flattering and doesn’t fail in showing off women’s sexy curves. It’s comfy and very supportive in athletic performances; but, some women reported that it reveals back fat.  

Key Features:

  • Non-see-through and cut-out detailing racerback design
  • 92% polyester, 8% spandex
  • Push up design, mesh venting, and removable paddings
  • Longline sports bra and four-way stretch design
  • Broad hemline, tank shoulder straps, and scoop neckline


  • Looks stunning with any type of leggings
  • Visually flattering offers more ventilation, and wicks away sweat
  • Flexible option for diverse indoor and outdoor activities
  • Excellent comfort and support during intense performances
  • Flaunts sexy perfect curves


  • Reveals back fat

7. Hibelle Scoop-Neck Racerback Yoga Workout Tank Top

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This item is worth a shot because it promotes good ventilation and freedom of movement. It’s one of the preferred choices because of its stylish, soft, breathable, and strappy design. Unlike other similar options, it does not fade or shrink.

Ideal for diverse workouts and daily wear, this top is a practical investment. It’s easy to care for, super comfy to wear, and well-constructed for long-lasting use. But, please be careful when choosing the size.

Key Features:

  • Multifunctional indoor and outdoor tank top
  • Lightweight and loose-fit style
  • Relaxed silhouette and racerback design
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable, and soft fabric
  • Not prone to fading and shrinking


  • Promotes breathable ventilation and unrestricted movements
  • Features, stylish, soft, and strappy design
  • Best for different types of workout and daily use
  • Low maintenance and keeps users cool
  • Well-made and super comfy to wear


  • Inaccurate size chart

8. Bestisun Long Sleeve Yoga Workout Tops

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This yoga top stays in place; it’s functional and flattering. It’s unbeatable in keeping users cool and warm because of its unique long sleeve and open slit-back design. The thumb holes also provide more convenience when executing performances.

It’s lightweight, flexible, fashionable, and good at wicking away moisture. Indeed, its comfy and excellent fit is admirable. Unfortunately, some women claimed that it runs a bit large.

Key Features:

  • 95% modal, 5% spandex
  • Long sleeve and open slit back design                                                   
  • Designed with thumb holes
  • Comfy and excellent fit
  • Complete coverage


  • Flattering, stays in place, and functional
  • Provides proper ventilation and maximum coverage
  • Keeps users warm and cool
  • Fashionable, practical and flexible option
  • Lightweight and wicks away sweat


  • Runs a bit large

9. Mippo Crop Top Workout Shirts

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This yoga crop top is affordable and a perfect pair for workout pants, shorts, and leggings. Its lightweight, soft, breathable, and comfy material makes energetic performances more enjoyable to execute. Interestingly, it allows women to flaunt their stylish sports bras when worn.

The sexy design, stretchy and lightweight feel of this top are satisfying. However, busty women should consider sizing up when ordering one.

Key Features:

  • 95% modal, 5% spandex
  • Sheer mesh back, high neck, and crop top design                                                   
  • Lightweight, soft, and breathable material
  • Pull-on closure
  • Comfy and stretchy


  • Perfect pair for yoga pants, shorts, and leggings
  • Flattering, and ideal for casual and athletic activities
  • Allows users to flaunt fashionable sports bras
  • Feels soft and comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for different types of budget


  • Requires sizing up for busty women

10. Mippo Yoga Shirts Open Back Tank Tops

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This super absorbent and wrinkle-free yoga shirt is ideal for all seasons and ensures a cool breeze feel. Many women love its sleeveless, twist-back, and backless design, making users look more charming and attractive. This item requires low maintenance.

Active women who prefer a slim fit and soft fabric will be happy with this top. Surprisingly, it’s easy to pair with any preferred yoga pants or leggings. Nevertheless, some customers reported that it’s slightly tight around the belly.

Key Features:

  • Sleeveless, twist back, and open back design
  • 95% modal, 5% spandex
  • More absorbent and wrinkle-resistant
  • Slim fit racerback style
  • Ideal for all seasons


  • High-quality, comfy, and cool-feel material
  • Offers a more attractive and charming look
  • Best for hot weather
  • Slim fit, easy to care for, and super soft
  • Looks good with any type of workout pants or leggings


  • A little tight around the belly

11. Neleus Workout Running Racerback Long Tank Top

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This yoga shirt features a sleeveless racerback design, scoop neck, and interlock seams. The fabric dries fast and features bound edges and stretchy power material. It’s exceptional in providing a cool and comfy feeling.

Its feminine and flattering fit, functional, and superb performance are foolproof. This non-see-through yoga top features a four-way stretch design and is ideal for ensuring comfort and mobility. Notwithstanding, it’s a bit pricey.

Key Features:

  • Sleeveless racerback, scoop neck, and interlock seams
  • Bound edges and stretchy power fabric                                                    
  • Elastic closure
  • Fast-drying
  • Allows full range of movements


  • Provides a cool and comfy feeling
  • Fashionable, functional, and superb performance
  • Guarantees utmost comfort and mobility
  • Feminine and flattering fit
  • Non-see-through and four-way stretch design


  • Not the most affordable option

12. QUEENIEKE Double-T Back Wirefree Pad Yoga Sports Bra

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This sports bra for yoga is reliable in allowing a custom fit coverage. Its elastic closure, light compression, and reversible design are adorable. Active women who practice yoga regularly will find this item’s material comfy and soft to the skin.

Users can remove or adjust the pair of straps; it prevents rolling up and wicks away moisture. Since it’s stretchy and breathable, it doesn’t cause any discomfort at all. Unfortunately, some customers claimed that this sports bra might be uncomfortable for busty women.

Key Features:

  • Removable and adjustable straps
  • 79% polyester, 21% spandex                                                   
  • Elastic closure and reversible design
  • Comfy and soft material
  • Elastic band and light compression


  • Allows custom-fit coverage
  • Prevents rolling up, sweat-wicking, and lightweight
  • Best for yoga, sports, workouts, and running
  • Stretchy, breathable, and soft fabric
  • Comes with two pairs of straps


  • Uncomfortable to wear for busty women

13. RBX Sleeveless Athletic Performance Running Workout Yoga Tank Top

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This athletic top features a longer curved hemline, classic crew neckline, versatile and stylish design. Besides, it has a mesh back panel and a trendy keyhole cutout. It’s ideal for buyers who like easy, flattering, and cool-to-wear yoga tops.

This option is excellent for providing additional coverage and comfort and is recommended for different settings and activities. Aside from its ultra-soft and versatile fabric, it’s dependable in encouraging good air circulation.

Be that as it may, some reviews asserted that they didn’t expect its short and boxy fit.

Key Features:

  • Longer curved hemline
  • Versatile and stylish design                                     
  • Classic crew neckline
  • 88% polyester, 12% spandex
  • Mesh back panel and fashionable keyhole cutout


  • Easy, flattering, and cool to wear
  • Ideal for lounging, fashion outfits, and yoga
  • Provides extra coverage and comfort
  • Promotes excellent air circulation
  • Features ultra-soft and versatile fabric


  • Short and boxy fit

14. TREELANCE Organic Cotton Yoga Workout Tank Top

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This workout top is ideal for casual wear, dancing, running, Pilates, and other active performances. It’s skin-friendly, latex-free, and exclusively designed by a certified yoga coach. It features soft, comfy, lightweight, and stretchy material, providing added comfort and support in executing different movements. 

It comes with a fitted design, so it doesn’t fall over the head. This top is an ideal gift, but be careful of the sizing because it runs small. 

Key Features:

  • 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex
  • Exclusively designed by a certified yoga instructor                                        
  • Skin-friendly
  • Latex-free
  • Lightweight and supportive


  • Recommended for workouts, yoga, and casual wear
  • Soft, stretchy, and comfy
  • Ideal gifts for women with active lifestyles
  • Features fitted design
  • Does not fall over the head


  • Runs small

15. CRZ YOGA Spaghetti Strap Workout Tank Tops

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

This sexy-looking top is best for molding body curves, sufficient coverage, and support. It’s functional because users can use it for daily wear and low-impact workouts, and it doesn’t restrict movements during practice.

It features a long-length and form-fitting design and is safe to wear without a bra. This yoga top offers excellent compression, and cottony-soft feels when worn. Even so, it’s on the expensive side.

Key Features:

  • Removable built-in bra
  • Button closure                              
  • Y-back spaghetti strap design
  • 88% polyamide, 12% Lycra
  • Form-fitting and long length


  • Molds body curves, supportive and sufficient coverage
  • Excellent compression
  • Best for low-impact workouts and daily wear
  • Allows ease of movement during practice
  • Safe to wear without a bra


  • Pricier than other available options

Comprehensive Shopping Guides For The Best Yoga Tops 

Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023
Top 15 Best Yoga Tops For Your Body Type In 2023

When purchasing the best yoga tops, comfort should be your topmost concern. Your workout top should not be prone to gaping down, riding up, and exposing private areas.

Since yoga practices involve different movements, finding a yoga top that remains in place can be challenging.

Fortunately, we have listed some of the most vital features that you should check out for a yoga top.

1. Thickness and stretchiness of the fabric

Too thin, too elastic, too tight, and highly restrictive tops are options you should avoid. When it comes to yoga tops, balance is crucial.

Choose tops that are functional to wear, stretchable, and feature thick fabric.

2. Form-fitted design

A1 yoga tops feature thick, top-quality, and sweat-wicking material that fits the body well and remains in place. If you prefer to wear loose yoga tops, it’s necessary to wear an undergarment beneath. Or, get the one that’s fitted on the midsection. 

If you go for full-length tops, ensure that they stay put, flatter the body, and provide maximum comfort.

3. Appropriate length

Since we have different torso lengths, it’s best to choose full-length yoga tops because they’re ideal for most body types.

If you prefer full coverage, the top that extends to the tail bone or beneath it is a great option. This design can avoid riding up regardless of your yoga poses.

What Makes A Great Yoga Top?


A great yoga top:

1. Should Have A Good Fit

A good yoga top should fit just right; hence, unrestrictive. Choose form-fitting, narrow, and ribbed designed tanks or tops. Such options are excellent because they remain in place regardless of your movements.

Avoid choosing tops that are too fit because they’re prone to riding up.

2. Should Have The Correct Length

The right length for your yoga top will depend on your body type and yoga activities. Keep in mind that an inappropriate length is prone to riding up.

A longer top is a suitable option for in-depth yoga sessions. Please note that hip length is ideal for inhibiting riding-up issues and discomfort.

3. Should Be Breathable

Yoga tops are available in many different styles, fabrics they’re made of, and sizes. Pick a yoga top made of breathable fabric to keep you cool and comfortable during yoga sessions.

Avoid cotton or cotton blends tops because they make you sweaty, trap moisture, and cause discomfort.

Pick fabrics designed explicitly for energetic performances like yoga. Nylon and spandex materials are great options to consider. Always select yoga tops with moisture-wicking and breathable features.

4. Should Be Flexible

It’s critical to choose a fabric that features elastic and stretchy material. To ensure that your yoga top stays in place, pick spandex and Lycra options because they’re ideal for that purpose. 

Moreover, these options don’t ride up, can provide more support, full coverage, and avert sagging.

5. Should Be Supportive

Our bodies have different support levels whenever we perform athletic activities like yoga and workouts. Hence, it’s vital to get a yoga top that fits your body type.

There are plenty of options to select from, and these include:

  • Yoga tops designed with integrated shelf bras.
  • Yoga tops that come with additional fabric at their upper portion.
  • Yoga tops with removable or integrated cups for extra support.

Meanwhile, you may also try fitted, knitted, and ribbed workout tops if you want to ensure additional fit and support.

Check this out: This YouTube video is worth viewing for affordable workout tops ideas

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Yoga Top

1. What style of yoga will I practice?

If you practice different yoga styles, it’s essential to select a suitable yoga top. Why? Loose cotton shirts aren’t ideal for hot yoga because they aren’t sweat-wicking and get heavier as you sweat out.

Meanwhile, loose yoga shirts aren’t suitable for fast Vinyasa sessions because they’re prone to riding up and limit your movements.

2. Is this yoga top I’m buying functional?

Just like when buying yoga pants for work, don’t focus on the looks of your yoga top. Focus more on its functionality. We get attracted to cool yoga shirts, but it’s more sensible to pick the one that can offer more benefits.

Please don’t merely be lured by tops that can complement or flatter your shape. Also, consider if the yoga top can wick away sweat when practicing yoga or if it retains its shape. This way, it’s practical to use during intense yoga sessions.

3. Does this yoga top look comfortable to wear?

Every detail is essential when it comes to yoga tops. The top you wear can affect your performance, so avoid options with itchy tags and chafing seams.

You can easily find yoga tops with flat-lock seams and tagless designs in the market today. Check the product details before buying to ensure that it can provide added comfort while practicing yoga.

4. Is it made with a stretchy material?

Elastic or stretchy yoga tops are the best options because they don’t limit your movements. Since you’ll need to practice different yoga poses, yoga tops with stretchy fabrics are excellent choices. 

Naturally elastic yoga pants or those manufactured using plant-derived materials are worthwhile investments. Spandex and Lycra won’t restrict your movements regardless of the yoga poses you need to perform.

Likewise, these materials do not sag and are adept at retaining their shape.

5. Is this a suitable yoga shirt for my lifestyle?

When buying yoga tops, consider what lifestyle you have to make the most out of your investment.

Do you intend to use the yoga shirt for yoga classes only? Or, you also plan to wear it when running errands or performing other activities?

Either way, it’s critical to select sturdy yoga tops and can withstand several washes. More importantly, something that can provide sufficient coverage.

6. Is this yoga top ethically and sustainably manufactured and designed?

Aside from the comfort that a yoga top provides, consider whether it’s eco-friendly and sustainably manufactured. Does the manufacturer adhere to manufacturing ethics? Do they care for the environment?

Are the raw materials properly harvested? What about the workers, are their rights and benefits considered? When making choices, it’s essential to think of others and their impact on our planet.

How To check If A Yoga Top Has A Long Length?

The length of your yoga top is a valuable factor as it helps prevent riding-up issues. A long top can eliminate riding up problems while working out or doing yoga.

A long top doesn’t flaunt your tummy during practices. And, you won’t need to adjust your top each time it rides up.

While boxier and shorter tops are preferred for other activities, they’re not ideal options when practicing yoga. Hence, if you intend to use the top for yoga, avoid loose tee-shirts, sports bras, and crop tops.

To check the length of a yoga top, inspect where the bottom or hemline of the top sits. Choose the one with a hip length.


1. What yoga top to wear to a hot yoga class?

The best top for hot yoga is a sports bra or a close-fitting tank top. Avoid wearing loose T-shirts because they’re prone to falling in different yoga poses like a downward-facing dog.

Avoid wearing 100% cotton tops because they absorb moisture and get heavier. Sweat-wicking workout fabric gives you a cool feeling.

2. What yoga top is best for cold weather?

For cold weather, it’s more comfortable to wear Lycra or spandex tops designed with long sleeves. Some of them are designed with compression fabric that prevents muscle exhaustion and keeps body temperature warm.

Another alternative is a thermal vest or warm zip-up sweater. Meanwhile, wear a trendy form-fitting hoodie if it’s snowy, rainy, or sleet comes down.

3. Compression Top versus Yoga Top

A compression top features a tight-fitting design, sculpts the body, and highlights muscle definition. It also helps eliminate post-workout swelling and accelerate muscle recovery.

On the other hand, a yoga top features an umbrella top that integrates several distinct designs and styles. They’re usually breathable, compressive, and can wick away moisture. Yoga tops can be in the form of a flowy long-sleeve shirt or tight-fitting top.

4. Can you wear a sports bra as a top?

Yes, wearing a sports bra as a top is trendy and becoming more popular nowadays. You can wear them as activewear, for leisure, and other activities.

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Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to invest in the best yoga tops to make your yoga experience even more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Be sure to check if the yoga top can ensure better support, comfort, and freedom of movement. This way, you can execute the poses correctly and meditate well.

Among the options we reviewed, we consider the SEASUM Longline Sports Bra Seamless Yoga Crop Top the best pick. It flaunts your sexy curves; it’s sweat-wicking and visually flattering.

Additionally, it offers excellent support and comfort during intense practices and a versatile indoor or outdoor wear option.


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