10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

by Susan T.

The best yoga DVD for weight loss can be your reliable partner in getting physically and mentally fit. Practicing yoga has been proven to help torch calories effectively. The best thing about weight loss DVDs is that they are designed with multiple routines and modifications.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing yoga for a long time, you’ll find weight loss DVDs user-friendly. They’re created by well-trained and professional health and fitness instructors and directors. They’re not only ideal for shedding excess weight, but also help ease your mind and become less stressful.

A Beginner Yoga DVD can be a great start to shed those unsightly body fats. Executing different yoga postures and soothing mental practices can offer many health benefits. Let’s dig up more about weight loss yoga DVDs below!

Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss
Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss – Top Reviews 2023

1. Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown DVD

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

Jillian Michaels’ DVD is ideal for those who’d like to have a leaner and stronger body. It incorporates traditional yoga and strength training, making it an excellent workout routine. The DVD is composed of 30-minute workouts that also include cooldowns and warm-ups.

This DVD can be a great partner for the weight loss journey. With proper diet, it can accelerate the fat-burning process. This DVD is an excellent investment for those who need some boost to work out harder and more efficiently.

However, expect a feeling of soreness at the beginning because you might find the workout session strenuous. Despite the challenges, weight loss is possible with this DVD with more patience and commitment.


  • Features comprehensive 30-min workouts, with cooldowns and warm-ups
  • Incorporates hard-core yoga power postures
  • Makes you stronger and leaner
  • Helps in shedding excess weight faster
  • Pushes you to work harder and more efficiently


  • A little tricky at the beginning

2. Yoga Boost: Beginner’s Yoga System for Men and Women Who Don’t Normally Do Yoga DVD

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

This one is worth a shot for beginners who prefer a yoga DVD that provides easy-to-follow exercise programs. It demonstrates what yogis should do with some modifications. It helps energize the body, speed up metabolic functions, and relieve stress.

Furthermore, it works like a charm in shedding excess pounds and improving flexibility. This DVD is a good start for starters and intermediate yogis to achieve fitness success. The four workout programs included in this DVD are challenging; thus, it makes yogis sweat more.

Some people often think this DVD is merely designed for men because of the DVD’s male model. But, it’s perfect for men and women yogis.


  • Contains detailed exercises guides with some modifications
  • Ideal for shedding excess weight and improving flexibility
  • Helps energize the body and relieve stress
  • Recommended for starters and intermediate yogis
  • Includes challenging exercises that make yogis sweat more


  • DVD cover appears misleading

3. Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles Indoor Walking Exercise DVD with Jessica Smith

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

This DVD by Jessica Smith allows users to mix and match their 15-minute walks effortlessly. Since the walking plans are customized, more users enjoy the exercises. The main sections of the workout program do not even require special workout equipment.

For those who dream of re-shaping their body and losing unsightly body fat, this DVD is a great help. It contains two bonus workouts that intend to strengthen the knees, feet, hips, and ankles. Best of all, it’s excellent at improving agility, coordination, and balance.

On the downside, some people find this DVD a bit costly than other available options.


  • Allows customized walking plans and bonus routines
  • Main sections don’t require special workout equipment
  • Helps improve agility, coordination, and balance
  • Includes two bonus workouts
  • Ideal for re-shaping the body and torching some calories


  • Some people find this DVD a bit pricey.

4. Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga DVD

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

Instructor Bob Harper offers a streak of stretches and yoga exercises to warm up users. From there, yogis can shift to exercises that intend to burn some calories. The workout programs are demanding initially, so patience and commitment are essential here.

Once yogis get accustomed to the program, they won’t have severe issues to deal with. Some cues and modifications to the postures allow yogis to execute them safely. This workout program is famous for its very stimulating tone and tempo.

This DVD is ideal for all ages, body sizes, and shapes. Regardless, some people claimed the exercises are strenuous on the knees at first.


  • Demonstrated by a highly-trained and professional instructor
  • Famous for its stimulating tone and tempo
  • Recommended for all ages, body sizes, and shapes
  • Begins with some warm-up exercises for preparation
  • Contains challenging programs ideal for weight loss


  • Might be a bit challenging on the knees

5. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

Coach Suzanne Deason instructs yogis on how to execute the postures, so the workout program isn’t so difficult to follow. The routine contains some warm-up and cooldown exercises so that yogis can prepare for the successive modifications. This yoga DVD can help users improve their legs, booty, and tummy areas.

Beginners and experienced yogis will find this DVD suited for their fitness goals. It helps users acquire a meaner, more toned, and leaner physique. It’s a safe option for all ages and is adept at helping yogis get a slimmer and fitter look. Some people find the music not as uplifting as expected. But, this isn’t a problem for many as they focus more on the workout routines. 


  • Ideal to improve legs, booty, and abs areas
  • Contains warm-ups and cooldowns
  • Recommended for beginners and experienced yogis
  • Not so difficult to execute
  • Helps yogis become meaner, more toned, and leaner


  • Some reported that the music isn’t as uplifting as expected.

6. Beginners & Beyond: Yoga for Weight Loss for Beginners DVD

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

This weight loss DVD focuses on the problem areas: booty, hips, thighs, and tummy. Yogis don’t need special workout equipment to execute the workout routines. It’s an excellent pick for those who haven’t tried doing yoga before.

Aside from the weight loss exercises, it contains sections that help users unwind and relax. It’s a short but pretty effective workout program for those who want to lose weight. Besides, it contains some information about the basics of yoga.

While this DVD is designed with stimulating background music, some people reported not having more exercise variations.


  • Includes sections that help yogis to unwind and relax
  • Focuses on the problem areas in the body
  • Short but effective workout program
  • Provides info about the basics of yoga
  • Designed with background music and it’s beginner-friendly


  • Does not contain more exercise variations

7. Element: Yoga for Weight Loss DVD

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

Coach Ashley Turner provides detailed and concise instructions for yogis to follow. This DVD is ideal for beginners as it contains insightful and encouraging content.  It features a Pacific Ocean background, making it more relaxing for yogis to perform the workout routines.

The workout plan intends to help yogis alleviate stress, improve memory, and develop inner strength. It’s great for torching calories, boosting blood circulation, and improving heart rate. More importantly, the breathing techniques provided are also beneficial to overall health.

Likewise, the cardio workout allows fluid movements and helps strengthen the core muscles. Notwithstanding, some people reported that the instructor’s constant talking is slightly disrupting.


  • Aims to alleviate stress, improve memory, and develop inner strength
  • Helps torch calories, boost blood circulation, and improve heart rate
  • Offers excellent cardio workout and strengthens the core muscles
  • Features Pacific Ocean background for a more relaxing setting
  • Demonstrates breathing techniques


  • Some people complained that the coach’s constant talking was slightly disturbing.

8. Yoga for Weight Loss DVD

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

This DVD explicitly targets building muscle strength and enhancing flexibility. It’s a perfect choice for yogis of different levels. And, since there are a series of movements to follow, yogis can effortlessly get accustomed to the routines.

Users can choose from many modifications in the workout routines. When choosing, yogis should ensure that the modification is based on their skill level.  The sessions are long enough to hone target areas, yet users won’t get bored along the course.

3 DVDs come with more than 35 routines for yogis to select from. Regardless, some yogis asserted that a few specific poses are not explained thoroughly.


  • Contains excellent workout routines with some modifications
  • Perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced yogis
  • Includes 3 DVDs with more than 35 routines
  • Sessions are not long and boring
  • Offers plenty of modifications


  • A few specific poses are not explained

9. Yoga for Toning & Weight Loss DVD with Kanta Barrios

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

This DVD encourages yogis to use the power of yoga in strengthening the core, losing weight, and toning the muscles. What’s more, the workout routines aim to improve one’s balance and self-awareness. It’s an excellent DVD for those dreaming of getting a more toned and slimmer physique.

The routines are slightly challenging, but yogis feel calmer and stress-free after the session. It’s a go-to for people who dream of developing inner strength, peace of mind, and mental clarity. Since it helps users obtain a firmer body, they can build more self-confidence.

Unfortunately, this DVD is priced higher than other available options out there.


  • Helps strengthen the core, lose weight, and tone the muscles
  • Routines are designed to improve balance and self-awareness
  • Aids yogis feel more relaxed and stress-free after the workout
  • Encourages inner strength, tranquility, and mental clarity
  • Ideal for getting a firmer body and building confidence


  • One of the most expensive yoga DVD options

10. Yoga Sweat Yoga DVD for Weight Loss with Julie Schoen

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

This weight loss yoga DVD incorporates fun-filled and energizing yoga workouts that provide more health benefits. It contains warm-up and cooldown videos so that yogis won’t be prone to injuries. It’s divided into two sessions; each comes with specific fitness objectives.

The first session focuses on increasing inner body heat and shedding excess weight. On the other hand, the second session strengthens the arms, tummy area, and core. It also works excellently in helping improve one’s stability and balance.

For those who like strength training to improve their glutes and legs, this DVD can help achieve those goals. Anyhow, the yoga routines might not be the best choice for starters because they’re a bit challenging.


  • Offers strength training to improve glutes and legs
  • Features two sessions with specific fitness objectives
  • Adept at burning body fats and toning the body
  • Includes warm-up and cooldown videos
  • Helps improve stability and balance


  • Might not be the best option for beginners

Buying Guides for the Best Weight Loss Yoga DVD

Before making the final purchase, it’s practical to consider some vital factors when buying a DVD for weight loss. In doing so, you can rest assured that the DVD you bought is focused on your specific fitness goals.

Whether you want something that focuses on stress and anxiety, or weight loss, there’s one suitable for your needs.

1. Focus

There’s no denying that picking the suitable DVD for you can be slightly tricky since countless options are available. To narrow down your search, check the theme of the yoga DVD you’re planning to buy. 

Carefully check if the yoga DVD focuses on weight loss, endurance, flexibility, recovery, or relaxation. Fundamentally, selecting the corrective yoga DVD can either make or break your fitness success, so choose wisely.

2. Setting

In general, most DVDs designed for yoga last for roughly 30 to 40 minutes. In the same way, these DVDs come in diverse setups. We strongly recommend picking options that offer a serene setting because they are more calming and stress-relieving.

A tranquil setting like oceans and nature successfully motivates yogis more than other ordinary wall settings. The latter are more likely to make you unmotivated because of the bland backdrop.

3. Level

Having a deeper understanding of why you’re buying a yoga DVD is critical. You need to consider your needs, especially if it’s your first time practicing yoga. It would be best to start with the beginner level since you need to get accustomed to the basics first.

If you go for advanced levels sooner, this action might lead to injuries since they contain complex yoga postures.

4. Instructors or Directors

Instructors or directors demonstrate the yoga poses or routines you watch on DVDs. For this reason, it’s crucial to figure out the cast of the DVD to end up choosing the better option.

When deciding which one to choose, it’s essential to pick the right gender. Picking the correct gender can remarkably help you achieve more desirable results.

5. DVD Price

These days, the best yoga DVDs for weight loss are currently priced at $20 or more. You may also check out some options that come in packages to save more bucks. As always, it’s best to pick the item that precisely fits your needs.

How To Choose The Best Yoga DVD?  

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

Here are some tips on how to pick the most excellent yoga DVD for you:

1. Your Experience Level

Yoga offers different classes for starters, intermediate, and advanced yogis. Due to this, you need to pick the yoga DVD suitable to your needs and ability.

You’re the only one who knows what you’re capable of, so consider this when choosing the Weight Loss Yoga DVD.

If you’re a beginner, you might want to consider reading about the 12 Must-Know Yoga Poses for Beginners.

2. Your Goal

Different yoga routines are targeted for a specific purpose. For instance, some practices are purposely for improving one’s endurance, strength, or flexibility.

If you aim to improve several areas, go for DVDs containing diverse yoga practices. Several options are available; some DVDs are designed for older adults, expecting women, and those with an active lifestyle. 

3. The Pace of the Yoga DVD

Yoga DVDs usually offer calming, relaxing, or more enlivening sessions. Sometimes, the pace of the DVD is indicated on it, while other options contain keywords for you to determine.

For instance, the DVD description says “routine for endurance” means the routine is more upbeat. Meanwhile, a description that states “stress reliever” would mean the routine is more calming.

4. Length of Sessions

We all have different schedules, so sometimes, committing to yoga classes can be daunting. You can select from short yoga sessions or long routines, depending on your time.

If you choose long sessions, make sure that you commit to them. Consider checking out DVDs that offer several options to fit your needs better.


1. Can yoga help you shed excess weight?

Yes. The gentle approach of yoga practices can significantly minimize cortisol levels linked to weight gain. When we have high cortisol levels, shedding excess weight becomes more arduous. For this reason, we also need to reduce stress to speed up our weight loss process.

Substantially, yoga practices aren’t as intense as other intense cardio workouts when it comes to the speed of weight loss. Nonetheless, yoga, eating a balanced diet, and living a healthier lifestyle can significantly help weight loss.

Unquestionably, the physical poses, meditations, and other soothing yoga routines greatly help achieve one’s fitness goals.

2. Should you go to a yoga studio to shed extra weight?

Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to do yoga in a studio to shed those excess body fats. The most important thing here is to execute the yoga postures correctly. Practice the yoga poses in front of a mirror at home to check if you’re executing them properly.

With yoga DVDs, you can easily mimic what the yoga instructor demonstrates. Hence, this helps you save more time traveling to the yoga studio. Watching yoga DVDs make calming the body and mind less challenging, especially for beginners.

3. Is it better to do yoga and cardio at the same time?

Yes. Practicing yoga and cardio synchronously are proven to be more effective in achieving one’s fitness goals. Doing yoga is ideal for body recovery, improving muscle flexibility, and building strength.

Some of the most excellent cardio activities you can consider are:

  • swimming
  • hiking
  • running
  • jogging
  • walking
  • cycling

4. Which type of yoga is best for weight loss?

Experts usually recommend Vinyasa yoga as the best type of yoga for weight loss. Compared to other types of yoga, Vinyasa incorporates a higher speed of streaks of movements. As a result, it helps speed up the process of torching calories.

Aside from these, Vinyasa yoga also helps improve one’s strength and flexibility. This form of yoga enables yogis to concentrate on holding yoga postures throughout the flow. Practicing Vinyasa yoga 2 to 3 sessions a week can help you burn more fats.

Would you like to learn more about the best type of yoga for weight loss? You might want to watch this video for more info:

4. What is the best DVD for yoga beginners?

10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023
10 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss In 2023

The best weight loss yoga DVD should contain the best exercises that won’t cause any injury, especially for beginners. Moreover, it must focus on shedding excess weight and help maintain good health.

The routines should also be smooth to sailing to follow and execute. It should also have the best instructor or director that provides exhaustive guides for different levels.

5. What is the best exercise DVD to shed weight fast?

There are several types of yoga available, but Hatha Yoga DVD is the most common choice to lose weight fast. Many people practice this type of yoga since it focuses on providing stress relief aside from weight loss.

Final Thoughts 

Nowadays, you can encounter many options when buying the best yoga DVD for weight loss. Sometimes, the selection process becomes more confusing because there are many choices to check out.

In our opinion, the Yoga for Weight Loss DVD is the best pick. It comes in three DVDs that offer more than 35 routines that are perfect for achieving your fitness objectives. Indeed, this item is ideal for beginners, intermediate, and advanced yogis.

Ultimately, we’d like to make the decision-making process less stressful for you. Hopefully, the products we have listed above can help you choose the best for your fitness needs and goals. 

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