The Best 25 BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses For Cool Yoga Friendship

by Susan T.

Have you ever wondered what BFF 2 person yoga poses are? You probably know that yoga is the union between your body and soul if you’re into yoga. This conveys that yoga does not only benefit your body but also soothes and calms your mind.

While practicing yoga alone helps you meditate effectively, two-person yoga poses are more motivating and exciting. Whether you’re still a newbie or already an experienced yogi, doing BFF 2 person yoga makes a stronger connection.

The physical and emotional support you get from your partner can motivate you more, allowing a better perspective. More importantly, yoga with a friend or partner helps build stamina and trust, making you closer.

Are BFF 2 person yoga poses easy? Let’s find that out by going over the rest of the post below.

The Best 25 BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses For Cool Yoga Friendship
The Best 25 BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses For Cool Yoga Friendship

What Are Couple Yoga Poses?

Couple or 2 person yoga poses are particularized yoga poses wherein two people execute dependent yoga poses. These poses are specifically for stimulating their physical and mental state through the help of general yoga.

When practicing couple yoga poses, your balance and body weight rely on your partners’ coordination. Unlike performing yoga alone, practicing yoga with a friend or partner create new fascinating experiences.

The Perks Of BFF Yoga Poses For 2 People

Two people are doing yoga
Two people are doing yoga

1. Leap of Faith

BFF 2 person yoga poses are more reliant on each other to gain balance, strength, and trust. Building trust is quite important because it serves as the bedrock of all couple yoga poses.

It’s critical to trust yourself first so that your partner can trust you too. Trust serves as your preventive measure when performing yoga with your friend or partner. For instance, you need to reassure your BFF or partner to support them to avoid accidents.

2. Increased Happiness Levels

Doing something you love with your favorite person creates unexplained bliss. Practicing yoga with a friend or partner makes you feel special, adding more fun and enjoyment to your life.

3. Better Relationship


Two-person yoga poses call for many factors such as concentration, balance, and trust. Performing yoga with a partner forms a stronger connection between partners.

4. Release Yourself

Doing couple yoga allows you to break free, letting you feel more energetic and gain mental freedom.

It feels nice to release yourself with the motivation and support of your BFF or partner, creating the best memories.

5. Constant Motivation

Sometimes, practicing yoga alone can be less fun and not so motivating. However, having someone to perform and share the fun and experience can spark more interest throughout the yoga session.

6. Weight Loss

Practicing yoga with a partner helps promote weight loss. With regular yoga sessions, you will develop better metabolic functions, tone muscles, and shed unwanted belly fat.

If you want to gain more muscular abs and hamstrings, you must concentrate on core strengthening yoga poses.

7. Making Memories

Practicing yoga with a BFF or partner creates new unique, fun-filled experiences and adventures. It allows you to feel different emotions and unleash your best trait.

Whatever the challenges and excitement you experience with your friend or partner during yoga practices will be worth-remembering.

8. Rediscovering Human Touch

Human touch is undoubtedly reassuring, especially with couples. Touching your partner expresses your desire to be there for them. Therefore, human touch during yoga poses allows couples to create a more robust and profound bond.

9. Here and Now

Couple yoga lets you become present in the now and eliminates your stress and tension. Hence, it’s advantageous in keeping you sane amidst the chaos of busy and stressful daily life.

Since we’re always too preoccupied, this situation causes some setbacks in our personal lives. As a result, we stop living an enjoyable life and feel too stressed with piled tasks.

Performing yoga with a partner motivates us to be present and concentrate on the moment.

10. Power of Your Body

You’ll observe positive changes in your movements when you reassure your partner with safety and balance during poses.

As a result, your partner will feel more empowered, and you’ll be more confident and aware of your body. Body awareness enables you to rediscover yourself from a new perspective.

BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses to Make Yoga Sessions More Inspiring

Two girls are doing yoga
Two girls are doing yoga

Are 2 Person Yoga Poses hard? Luckily, they’re not as challenging as you might imagine. With the correct instructions and steps on how to execute the poses, you’re good to go!

1. Partner Seated Twist

This yoga pose is a stellar way to warm up and connect before performing a more intensive yoga flow.

Steps and instructions:

  • Sit back-to-back with your BFF with your legs crossed.
  • Twist to the left and position your left hand on your BFF’s right knee.
  • Your BFF also needs to do the same pose as you. Both partners can switch sides after a couple of breaths.

2. Back to Back Meditation Pose

Back to Back Meditation Pose
Back to Back Meditation Pose

This is so easy to do, and it’s an excellent warm-up pose, making it an ideal pose to get started. For yogis wanting to improve their flexibility and feel more comfortable, this is for you.

Steps and instructions:

  • The objective of this pose is to have your partner’s back as your support.
  • You sit back-to-back with your partner, and you need to pay attention to your body and breathing.

3. Double Plank Pose

This yoga pose appears acrobatic; however, it is surprisingly uncomplicated to move into.

Steps and instructions:

  • One participant executes a standard yoga plank, and the other participant should move into a plank in the opposite direction.
  • Please note that it’s critical to steady yourself over your BFF’s ankles and position your shins on your BFF’s shoulders.
  • Finally, you may inhale and exhale.

4. Peak Cobra Yoga Pose

Peak Cobra Yoga Pose
Peak Cobra Yoga Pose

Many yogis consider this pose pretty soothing and beneficial in stretching muscles. It calls for coordination and strength to hold the stance for an extended time correctly.

Steps and instructions:

  • The partner on top will execute the usual cobra pose, while the lower partner will serve as the mountain peak.
  • Set a 15 seconds target for this pose.

5. Supported Boat Pose

Supported Boat Pose
Supported Boat Pose

This yoga pose won’t be a hassle to execute for both couples, even for beginners or advanced yogis.

Steps and instructions:

  • You can execute this intermediate yoga pose by sitting opposite your BFF.
  • Couples must press the soles of their feet together and try to reach each participant’s hands.
  • Gradually support each other’s weight as you lift your legs synchronously until you and your partner attain a boat pose.

6. Balancing Loop Couple Yoga Pose

Stretchability and superior leg strength are necessary to perform this 2-person yoga pose correctly.

Steps and instructions:

  • The concept here is to stabilize the loop pose of the above participant over the legs of the participant under.
  • Avoid performing this stance on a hard surface to prevent accidents.

7. Partner Tree Pose

You can enjoy this yoga pose more if you perform it with your close friend or special someone. It’s a picture-worthy pose that you capture on camera to keep with you for a lifetime.

Steps and instructions:

  • Find your balance solo in a tree stance alongside your partner or BFF.
  • Hold hands while you gradually tip your upper body toward your BFF.
  • Lastly, reach for your BFF’s other hand overhead to help each other keep a steady state.

8. Right Angle 2 Person Yoga Poses

While this couple’s yoga pose looks simple, it’s challenging, especially for newbies.

Steps and instructions:

  • To hold your BFF upwards, you need to have superior core strength.
  • The above partner has to gain fit body muscles to make it in the smooth line.
  • Please ensure that your hand is leveled with your midsection in a higher stance.

9. Double Standing Backbend Pose

Double Standing Backbend Pose
Double Standing Backbend Pose

Yoga couples wanting to enhance their flexibility and support their partners will find this pose excellent.

Steps and instructions:

  • Couples should stand facing each other with a few distances between them.
  • After that, try reaching your arms overhead and gradually lean backward until you reach your partner’s hands.
  • Be sure to hold onto each other to build more connections and gain more stability.

10. Double Downward Dog

At first glance, this yoga pose appears to be challenging to execute. But, by following the steps to perform it correctly, both partners can get by.

Steps and instructions:

  • Begin by executing the traditional downward dog pose.
  • Your BFF will have to stand a few distances in front of you.
  • Afterward, she’ll execute a forward fold until her hands touch the mat.
  • Finally, your BFF can carefully set her feet onto your lower back and lift you into a downward dog pose.

11. Human Horse BFF Yoga Pose

Human Horse BFF Yoga Pose
Human Horse BFF Yoga Pose

This yoga pose seems a cinch to execute, and yogis can perform it without maximum level of flexibility. It does wonders in helping yogis perform isolated poses without the support of their partners.

Step and instruction:

  • One participant should kick up into a handstand position. 
  • The other participant will bend down to hold her partner’s hips on both sides to support her weight.
  • The one with a handstand position should slowly bend her knee, positioning her foot on the other participant’s back.
  • The other participant will then raise her leg and bend her knee gradually. 
  • Inhale and exhale, then release slowly.

12. Partner Warrior III

This yoga pose is pretty challenging; however, executing it with your BFF can make it less tricky.

Steps and instructions:

  • To begin performing this pose, stand facing in opposite directions.
  • Switch into the warrior II pose by bending your front leg and your back leg straight.
  • Lift your back leg off the ground together with your partner.
  • Reach for your BFF’s ankle using one hand and lift your other hand.

13. Assisted Handstand

Executing assisted handstand pose is ideal for couples as it helps strengthen the upper body while establishing trust between them.

Steps and instructions:

  • One of the participants can practice kicking up into a handstand position.
  • The other participant will hold your leg and support your weight as you do.

14. Dancing Partner Yoga Pose

Dancing Partner Yoga Pose
Dancing Partner Yoga Pose

If you’re fond of dancing to express your emotions openly, this yoga pose is perfect. You may consider practicing it regularly to improve your body’s flexibility.

Step and instruction:

  • It’s essential to perform this pose in a spacious area where you can freely spread your hands and legs.

15. Partner Bound Angle

Partner Bound Angle
Partner Bound Angle

Stretching out at the start or end of your yoga practice is essential. For this reason, you can try this couple-bound angle pose with your BFF.

Steps and instructions:

  • One of the couples should sit on the soles of his feet pressed together, with knees bent.
  • The other participant sits his back to the other participant and leans backward and vice versa.

16. Inverted Plank Yoga Pose

Inverted Plank Yoga Pose
Inverted Plank Yoga Pose

This BFF 2-person yoga pose is straightforward to execute with your BFF. Many yoga beginners find this pose a breeze to perform as it allows them to enjoy some instant results.

Steps and instructions:

  • For the first participant to execute the lower one, you need to be in a standard push-up stance.
  • The upper partner must execute the same stance to appear like a second storey.

17. Stretch Gate Yoga Pose

Stretch Gate Yoga Pose
Stretch Gate Yoga Pose

Yoga stretches will test how flexible you are. It would help if you practiced this pose regularly to perfect it because it’s pretty challenging.

Steps and instructions:

  • To begin, both partners should hold hands to sustain their balance.
  • This pose requires yoga couples to stretch their legs up to form a gate-like figure.

18. Sitting Bridge Partner Yoga Pose

Sitting Bridge Partner Yoga Pose
Sitting Bridge Partner Yoga Pose

While this couple’s yoga pose looks complicated to execute, many yoga newbies found it easy and quick to do. It’s perfect for shedding belly fat and hitting core muscles.

Step and instruction:

  • Sit facing each other, with feet aligned. Grab each other’s wrists/hands tightly.
  • With feet pressed together, raise one leg slowly, followed by the other leg. Ensure that you’re comfortable and well-balanced.
  • This time, you should be able to create a bridge-like formation between you. Raise your head or stretch your neck (optional).
  • Take a deep few breaths, inhale and exhale. Release by lowering both legs slowly.

19. Double Partner Camel Yoga Pose

To do this pose, keep your partner or BFF in front of you. Keeping your lower body secured and avoiding dripping out of stance is crucial. If you have a stiff back, you can use blocks to help you in your backbend.

Steps and instructions:

  • You and your partner should kneel closely and opposite each other, ensuring your bodies are well-aligned.
  • A double camel pose requires gradually leaning backward to create an arch in your back synchronously.

20. Falling Angel Couple Yoga Pose

Falling Angel Couple Yoga Pose
Falling Angel Couple Yoga Pose

This 2-person yoga pose is famous for being an elegant and Instagram-worthy pose that every couple should try.

Steps and instructions:

  • Having greater strength is necessary to execute this pose because you’ll lift your partner using one leg.
  • The other participant should bend outwards to create a leaf-like formation.

21. Partner Savasana

This is also called the corpse pose, and it’s beneficial to execute at the end of your yoga practice. It’s crucial to end your yoga session with a short meditation or visualization with your partner.

Steps and instructions:

  • Lie down on a yoga mat next to your BFF in a corpse pose to start executing this pose.
  • Gently close your eyes, calm down, and hold hands while decompressing from your workout.

22. Doubletree Yoga Pose

Excellent for beginners in performing couple’s yoga poses, this pose teaches yogis how to balance correctly. Furthermore, it allows attaining harmony between your muscle function and nerve.

Moreover, this yoga pose is superior in binding information, promoting balance, and better communication between partners.

Steps and instructions:

  • To begin, stand shoulder to shoulder with your BFF.
  • Connect your palms using one hand, and hold on to your BFF’s waist with the other hand.
  • Then, lift your foot and position it on your inner thigh firmly.
  • Be sure to sustain your balance and avoid overthrowing your weight on your BFF.

23. Chair & Fierce Warrior Yoga Pose

The participant standing below should execute core strength and excellent control when executing this yoga pose. While this pose is famous as an intense pose, it’s still under the category of basic yoga level.

Steps and instructions:

  • The first participant must slide into a chair pose while holding the hands of her partner.
  • The second participant has to step over the knees to allow mounting on top.
  • It’s vital to practice this pose several times to get into the pose almost synchronously. You can avoid muscle strain if you have a more muscular back.

24. One-Legged Wheel Yoga Pose

This couple yoga pose is a bit challenging for keeping core balance. In addition, providing support to hold the position longer is pretty tricky. It’s best to practice this pose alone before performing it with a partner.

Steps and instructions:

  • You may begin by lying opposite and then gradually lift your body to a wheel pose. Please note that the distance might differ depending on the couple yogis’ height.
  • Consider adjusting yourselves to get the correct placement into stance.
  • Your toes should touch but should not promote imbalance.

25. Upward Facing Dog

This couple yoga pose promotes balance and harmony for both partners. It’s fun, beneficial, and exciting to perform with your BFF or partner.

Steps and instructions:

  • The first participant should flow into the upward dog position first.
  • The second participant begins by putting her hand on the ankle and placing her toes on her partner’s shoulder.
  • Remember to keep your stance securely and breathe to soothe any muscle tension.

Final Thoughts

Which of the BFF 2 person yoga poses mentioned above do you like best? Unquestionably, the poses shared above look exciting, beneficial, and stellar at creating unique yoga experiences. But, it’s critical to devote some time daily to relax in a comfy space to perfect your practice.

Fortunately, with regular yoga sessions with your partner, your body will start to move more comfortably doing different yoga poses. Practicing yoga with your favorite person makes your connection more substantial and more profound.

About Susan T.

Susan T. is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, but to her, it all started with a very basic motivation: she just really wanted to be able to touch her toes. Susan has come a long way since then- she now regularly leads yoga teacher trainings and workshops all over the world, and has been featured in Yoga Journal, Mantra Yoga, San Jose Mercury News / Health, and more. But Susan will tell you that her simple quest for flexibility has led her to so much more than just touching her toes.

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